Plott Cubit device makes DIY easy with augmented reality assistance.

Plott Will Make Virtual DIY Into Real Did-It-Yourself

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It always seems like those small projects will be so very straight-forward, but they rarely wind up that way… a suite of products from Plott was created to document and design in an augmented reality (AR) environment. The “LetsPlott” extended reality (XR) platform allows users to conceptualize in a dimensionally accurate way and bring their vision to life with step-by-step directions. The LetsPlott app scans the area for a project, eliminating many of the hassles of measurements and calculations. Users design the layout graphically, integrating photos of the actual space using mixed reality to visualize how the final project will look using actual background dimensions.

Adding elements based on their actual size, whether that is hanging pictures, cabinets, windows, or painted features. Now you have a visual design in real life scale that is fully interactive and easily manipulated.

The Plott toolbox (pun fully intended) is far greater than just the application – the data can be taken from the XR model and translated into real-world points with Plott’s Cubit hardware. Cubit may have the form and size of a manual tape measure, but it does so much more. For large rooms, Cubit features a pair of laser distance that measure for height and width of a space up to 100 feet with accuracy within 1/8 inch for every 30 feet. And for irregular shapes, Cubit features a dimensioning wheel that will glide smoothly on any surface thanks to two stabilizing rolling balls on the underside. The information captured by the wheel has been tested as accurate to .02%, and is easily saved directly to the user’s smartphone.

Plott Cubit device makes DIY easy with augmented reality assistance.
Plott Cubit device makes DIY easy with augmented reality assistance.
Image Credit: Plott

The most impressive part of the Plott platform comes once a design is finalized in the LetsPlott app, as Cubit assists in making it a reality. For example, let’s say a user wants to layout a wall of framed photographs, once the user lays out exactly how they would want the photo wall to look, use Cubit to guide them accurately to each point where they should put a nail. Simply select the direction to start guidance, which coordinates to start with (horizontal or vertical), and select “guide” — Cubit will simply guide the user via the uploaded coordinates to the exact spot in real life.

A review unit of the Cubit was provided for this review ahead of the upcoming commercial launch; all opinions are our own. This post will be updated with purchase links as they become available.

information can be found on Plott’s website at

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