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In case you were getting too comfortable with having money in your wallet, here’s a quick look at a few tabletop-related Kickstarter campaigns that might lighten that load a bit.

BattleGoats: Reinforced

I’ve reviewed a couple of titles from CardLords (Take the GoldThe Pirate’s Flag, and Fallen Treasures), and their latest game is an updated and expanded version of their first title, BattleGoats. It’s a fast-playing card game that involves setting up a face-down grid of cards, and then attacking your opponents to eliminate their cards. It’s a blend of War and Memory: higher number wins, and you need to keep track of where your opponents’ cards are, but there are also a lot of card powers that can mess with those basic rules. BattleGoats: Reinforced adds a bunch of new goats to the mix, and also brings the player count up to 9.


Crystallo is a solitaire game that won last year’s Solo Print-and-Play contest on BoardGameGeek, and can now be purchased in a nice, professionally made form (or you can get access to the print-and-play for a dollar). Play your cards to create sets, releasing the six mythical creatures, and then attempt to trap the dragon. It looks like a fun puzzle, with a little bit of tile-laying with it.

The Unicorn Rescue Society: The Card Game

I actually haven’t read the book series this card game is based on, but it’s about rescuing mythical creatures. The game itself looks pretty simple, probably to target fans of the books, but the artwork is really adorable, and I like the way that the cards look like pages from a bestiary. I suppose even if you weren’t going to play the game, you might like having the cards just as a handy reference to all sorts of cryptids anyway!


I included Promenade in my last roundup and was really hoping it would fund: this deck-building game about impressionist paintings included some really fascinating mechanisms for changing the values of the cards based on the market. Unfortunately, the project did not fund and the designer does not have plans to try for another large print run. Instead, he’s running a short, 1-week campaign to print just enough copies for Kickstarter backers; that means this game won’t be hitting retail, and the price is a bit higher, but at least you’ll be able to get a copy if you were still interested.

Big Easy Busking

Strike up the band and match the mood of the crowds in this game about street musicians in New Orleans. You’ll have to manage the energy levels of your three musicians and learn new songs in order to capture the attention of the audiences. I’ve got a prototype of this one and will have a more in-depth review of it soon!

Raccoon Tycoon: The Fat Cat Expansion

Raccoon Tycoon is getting an expansion, which adds a 6th player, a new wild railroad type, and a bunch of new buildings to the mix. There are also new meeples that can be purchased to earn more points or money, and player boards to help keep track of it all. And, of course, an enormous wooden cat for the starting player marker!

The Game Canopy: Deep Space

Level3B, makers of the Game Canopy, are launching a campaign for their latest bag: Deep Space. It keeps most of the features that made the original great for hauling games, but this time for your big box games. I posted a closer look at it this morning; the campaign launches today at noon Eastern!

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