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Kickstarter Alert: Eldritch Foundry Superior Quality Custom Minis

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Looking for that perfect mini for your next tabletop adventure? Then Eldritch Foundry has a Kickstarter for you.

Custom Minis

Finding the right mini to fit your favorite character is never easy—I’ve written about this before with some of the solutions I found. But now, using the latest state-of-the-art system from Eldritch Foundry, you really can craft the mini of your dreams, with every little detail you imagined. They’re certainly not the first company to offer 3D printed minis, but they are a serious contender for the prize for highest levels of quality and player control.

As part of their new Kickstarter, they are offering the most customizable and powerful designs for your TTRPG character, and promise a sleek, seamless, flash-less miniature. Through this Kickstarter campaign, Eldritch Foundry is bringing you the opportunity to craft your own brand new mini in heretofore unimagined detail and then have it 3D-printed in a never before seen quality.

Eldritch Foundry
Ultra modern printing techniques means high-definition detailed minis


The Kickstarter campaign went live on the May 9th and runs until Saturday, June 8th. It was funded within 3 hours of going live, and at this point, has raised over $295,000, smashing its $30,000 target.

Pledges range from $39 or more for the Courtyard pledge, which will get you one custom miniature coupon with a Kickstarter exclusive base and metal vault; right up to $1,000 or more, which bags you access to the Inner Sanctum: Arcane Gate with full beta access, custom hand-drawn artwork, and much, much more.

With support from big names, a presence at DnDLive2019, as well as sponsoring episodes of Critical Role, it’s no surprise Eldritch Foundry has reached this point, but with more support and more backers, they will be able to unlock even more stretch goals and bring even more content for users.

Eldritch Foundry

To produce these amazing minis, Eldritch Foundry has partnered with a leading US 3D printer manufacturer, 3DSystems, and their team of in-house printers utilizes the most advanced technology available on the market. As such, they are able to offer a printed mini at about 40% higher definition than anyone else.

Most miniatures currently available are printed at around 50 microns. An Eldritch Foundry miniature is printed at around 32 microns, almost on par with resin castings. In addition, Eldritch Foundry uses wax supports to seal the figure, meaning no flash, no mold lines, and no seams. It’s innovations and processes like this that set Eldritch Foundry apart from the field, and which means that the mini you end up with is of the highest imaginable quality. It almost seems a shame to paint them—especially if you’re as heavy-handed with a fine brush as I am!

The Interface

Eldritch Foundry
Design your minis like you would an avatar in the latest RPG computer game

The character creator is almost like setting up a character in a video game, and has been designed to look and feel just like that. They have developed a one-of-a-kind character creator that takes inspiration from the character creators in Baldur’s Gate, Planescape, or Torment. The interface is intuitive and easy to use while providing the maximum level of customization. Want your miniature to have a bigger beard? No problem. Want more weapons? Sure. Want wings and a tail and fangs and swords and… and … You get this picture.

The Bases

But it’s not just the minis and level of detail that sets them apart. Eldritch Foundry has gone one step further and developed a super useful conditional marker base for your miniatures. This base allows for the quick and easy identification of conditional statuses of your character, without the need for condition rings or milk jug rings—not that it’s not still fun to collect these.

Eldritch Foundry

The conditions available on each unique Eldritch Foundry miniature base include poisoned, restrained, concentration, deafened, petrified, grappled, blinded, and frightened. And while that doesn’t cover every condition possible, they also provide conditional marker bases that are blank, if you prefer to draw your own. These are also system neutral, so if you favor Pathfinder over D&D or your minis are going to be used for an entirely different game, you should find these bases have pretty much universal application.

Working With the Community

Eldritch Foundry is heavily entrenched in the TTRPG community—and utilizes a business model that is geared towards helping your local gaming store thrive. As part of this Kickstarter campaign, they have found a way to incentivize foot traffic by offering free shipping if you send your avatar to your local gaming store. Eldritch Foundry has had to develop an entirely new business model, working hand-in-hand with local gaming stores. Right now, there are over 50 stores that have agreed to launch with Eldritch Foundry across the continental US.

Should You Back It?

If, like me, you’re always looking for new ways to bring life to your gaming table, then this is one Kickstarter that you shouldn’t miss. The quality and value of the minis on offer, combined with the bases and exclusive premium boxes that come with them, makes this Kickstarter one that any tabletop gamer should be excited about. I backed the campaign last week and I can’t wait to design, and then get to see and hold, my finished mini. The only problem will be deciding how many characters I want to create.

For more information, or to make a pledge, visit the Eldritch Foundry Kickstarter page here.

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