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We are huge fans of tabletop games as a way for families and friends to come together and create hours of enjoyable memories. For over a decade, we’ve reviewed games, from deck-building to RPGs, casual to cooperative, and we’ve kept track of every single one of those reviews in our Tabletop Game Review Index, where you can browse and discover all the games our contributors have enjoyed over the years (note, the affiliate links in these reviews will usually support the authors).

When a game really impresses us, we denote it as “GeekDad Approved” and it gets included in the annual meet-up of GeekDad game reviewers where they play and choose the best of the best. We’ve collected all these games into the GeekDad Approved Game Store at Amazon, so you can find the games our writers have loved and get them for your family’s enjoyment as well (affiliate links from the GeekDad Approved Game Store support the GeekDad and GeekMom blogs in general).

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