AirPods Case AirSnap

AirSnap Is a Leather Gauntlet for Your AirPods

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AirPods Case AirSnap
Clip your AirSnap case to your backpack and now your AirPods are ready to go and easily accessible. (Image by Skip Owens)

I didn’t buy Apple’s AirPods when they first came out. I waited a while before diving in. I underestimated how much I would value their comfort, instant connection to all my devices, and overall ease of use. This resulted in me pretty much taking them everywhere I go. But who wants to carry around a pure white and very slippery dental floss sized container? I’ve accidentally thrown my AirPod case across the parking lot more times than I’d like to admit. So I decided if I am going to take them with me everywhere I go I want them to easier to transport and easier to handle. Enter the AirSnap by Twelve South.

What Is the AirSnap?

AirPods Case AirSnap
Just flip open the AirSnap and your AirPods can be easily pulled out and put to use. (Image by Skip Owens)

AirSnap is a full-grain leather outer case for Apple’s AirPods made by Twelve South. If you haven’t heard of Twelve South before, they make quite a few Apple product related accessories like cases, stands, and even an adapter that allows you to plug-in your AirPods to listen to an airplane’s audio system on a flight (AirFly).

What makes the AirSnap such an interesting product for AirPod owners is that it is more than just a pretty skin for your AirPod case. (Twelve South calls it a “leather shield for your AirPod case.”) I like to think of it more like a leather gauntlet. The leather case is truly a case in that it provides a significant amount of protection (and some bulk) to your AirPods. But the two killer features for me are the built-in clip that allows you to clip the case to just about anything and the design of the case that allows you to wirelessly charge your AirPods (for those with the new wireless AirPod cases).

AirPods Case AirSnap
The AirSnap has a very heavy duty integrated clip and supports wireless charging with the new AirPods case. (Image by Skip Owens)

Here is a summary of the AirSnap specs:

  • Full-grain leather case designed to protect AirPods
  • Incorporated clip keeps AirPods attached to your bag or backpack
  • Easily check the status of your AirPods and Charging Case at a glance
  • Bottom cut-out for convenient wired charging, or charge wirelessly in-case
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Height: 2.9” (including the clip)
  • Width: 2.1”
  • Depth: 0.98”

How Have I Been Using the AirSnap?

My biggest use for my AirPods is as a constant companion to my Apple Watch. I have a Series 4 Cellular Apple Watch and most of the time I do NOT carry my iPhone around with me, so I depend on the AirPods for audio interaction with my watch. That means my AirPods go with me everywhere throughout my day. I used to carry my AirPods without a case in my pocket, but I found that after taking them in and out of my pocket dozens of times a day that they were just too slippery for my liking. So the AirSnap really makes a huge difference in how much easier it is to handle the AirPod case.

I also carry around a backpack many of the places I go, so the ability to simply clip my AirPod case to my bag means I have one less thing to carry around in my pocket. Having the case hanging external to my backpack also makes getting into the AirPod case even quicker. Just unsnap the cover and the friction and tight fit from the case pulls open the AirPod case so you can quickly grasp or stow your AirPods inside the case. I was a little worried about just how sturdy the integrated clip would be. After all, I am dangling a $200 set of headphones from my backpack. But after using the AirSnap for several weeks now I can say that the clip has performed flawlessly and it opens and closes quite firmly, so I don’t have any concerns about a failure of the clip to secure my AirPods to my bag and to maintain that connection.

The final use I have for the AirSnap is that my AirPods can stay in the AirSnap while they wirelessly charge on my Qi charging mat, and the AirSnap even has a cutout so you can see the charging light built into the new second generation wireless charging cases. If you still charge your AirPod case with a lightning cable, the AirSnap has a cutout in the case for that too. Like I said earlier, I don’t carry around my iPhone with me very much, so it spends a lot of time sitting on the wireless charging mat in my kitchen. I used to forget to charge my AirPod case because it would end up going into my bag when I came home from work every night, but now it sits right by my iPhone and the wireless charger so I always remember to drop it on the pad for a quick charge.


The AirSnap has performed just as I had hoped it would when I purchased it. The clip is secure and tight closing enough that I don’t have to worry about it coming loose. The full-grain leather case feels great and gives the case a much-needed increase in friction so that my AirPods don’t encounter the parking lot surface on a regular basis anymore.


  • Classy leather look
  • Extra grip for the case
  • Significant amount of protection
  • Very sturdy and functional built-in clip
  • Case design allows for visibility of charging light and charging while in case (both wireless and wired)


  • Case adds some extra bulk to your AirPods when in your pocket
  • Stiff leather can make opening and keeping open your AirPods a bit tricky until the leather breaks in

The AirSnap line of cases retail for $29.99 and come in three colors (Black, Cognac, Deep Teal) and can be purchased from TwelveSouth or

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