adventure time: the complete series

‘Adventure Time: The Complete Series’ DVD Box Set and Soundtrack Available Now

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adventure time: the complete series

While Finn the Human and Jake the Dog concluded their original adventures in September of last year, Cartoon Network’s most epic series lives on—both in the hearts and minds of its legion of fans and now as Adventure Time: The Complete Series, a 22-disc DVD collection featuring all 238 episodes and so much more.

Available this week (April 30), the box set takes you from the early days of “Slumber Party Panic” all the way through the four-part series finale “Come Along With Me.” Along the way, you’ll learn and grow alongside Finn and Jake, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, and even the diabolical Ice King himself. The collection is enclosed within the only tome that could contain this much raw power, The Enchiridion, complete with a real 25-page storybook.

Alongside the episodes themselves, The Complete Series also includes an all-new bonus disc packed with extras. Cartoon Network was kind enough to send this particular DVD my way, and the kids and I have relished its featurettes like “The Sonic Sounds From Ooo,” the celebratory “Farewell Tour,” and “Diamonds and Lemons” (AKA: the Minecraft episode), not to mention early animatics, music videos, and other goodies.

As if that wasn’t enough, May 1 saw the release of its musical companion, the Adventure Time Soundtrack Box Set. This five-volume collection boasts over 230 tracks spanning all eight seasons, and it’s available for digital download and via your favorite streaming service. Mondo will also be releasing a multi-format physical box set featuring four LPs, a CD, and a cassette that includes a number of exclusive cuts: 21 songs demos, 17 extended tracks, and five medleys.

Both of these special releases allow fans new and old to come along on the adventure of a lifetime with this beloved, groundbreaking series.

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