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Pop-Up Magazine Spring Issue

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Pop-Up Magazine Spring Tickets

Get ready for the spring issue of Pop-Up Magazine! In case you haven’t heard of it, Pop-Up Magazine is a live show that combines talks, music, animation, and images covering a wide range of topics. The shows are not recorded, so it’s something you have to attend in person to experience.

I’ve gotten to attend a couple times when the show has come to Portland, Oregon—you can read about the 2017 fall issue here. Last fall’s issue included a hilarious talk about Nextdoor, a video piece about young men who were being rehabilitated from religious extremism, and a story about resurrecting the scent of a long-extinct flower through science. (That last story even included a small sealed bag—at the appropriate time in the story, the audience was instructed to open the bag so they could smell the flower!)

I never know what to expect from Pop-Up Magazine, and I love the fact that the list of contributors is largely names I’ve never heard of—it means I’m hearing stories from voices that I’ve otherwise missed. The one thing I can expect is that it will be a stimulating, thought-provoking evening.

Visit the Pop-Up Magazine website for more information about the show, the schedule, and to order tickets!

Disclosure: I have been provided tickets to attend the spring issue.

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