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Block It to Me: Sock It to Me Celebrates ‘Tetris’ With New Anniversary Line

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sitm tetris feat
image: Sock It to Me

It seems that 2019 is the year for big landmark anniversaries. For everything from Hello Kitty (celebrating her 45th anniversary) to Mobile Suit Gundam (its 40th) to the debut album from New Jersey math-metal outfit Dillinger Escape Plan (Calculating Infinity, turning 20 this year—which, okay, is maybe only important to me), pop culture celebrations abound.

For my money, though, the biggest are the twin birthdays of Nintendo’s iconic Game Boy handheld system and its earthshattering frequent pack-in title, Tetris—turning 30 and 35 respectively.

I’ve waxed poetic about the important legacy of the Game Boy and its astounding lineup of titles many times in the past, not to mention my own continuing fascination with this antiquated but amazingly robust hardware. So instead of rehashing any of this, I will show my affection in the purest way I know how: with socks.

sitm my tetris socks

Yes, Portland’s Sock It to Me will launch their very own Tetris 35th Anniversary Collection on June 1st. It features three unique designs that celebrate the history of the first great puzzle video game—a pair of which I am wearing even as I type this!

Whether you’re looking for a big, brash, beautiful way to show off your Tetris love (not to mention your gams) in your summer shorts or a more subdued pattern to rock under those chinos at work, SITM has you covered. And, of course, each and every pair blends the quality and comfort you’ve come to expect from the Pacific Northwest’s premiere house of hosiery.

Head to the project’s landing page for more images and details, and feel free to hum the “Type A” music as you browse. You know you want to.

sitm tetris collection
image: Sock It to Me

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