Review – Hawkman #10: The Battle for London

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Hawkman #10 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Hawkman #10 – Robert Venditti, Writer; Bryan Hitch, Artist; Andrew Currie, Inker; Jeremiah Skipper, Colorist


Ray – 8/10

Ray: The conclusion of Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch’s first year on Hawkman brings the plot full circle, as Katar Hol’s journey through space brings him back to Earth – just as the Deathbringers and his former friend Idamm return to exact their revenge.

It’s impressive that Hitch has drawn every issue of this series, a big change from his aborted Justice League of America run before Rebirth, and his art hasn’t suffered at all. Every issue of this series has been epic in its own way. But after the cosmic adventures of the previous issues, the big showdown on Earth this issue doesn’t have quite the same dynamic energy.

The Deathbringers are an impressive army of evil, and the story is given a personal touch by Idamm’s lust for vengeance against his once-brother in evil. As the Deathbringers sweep up random people to be sacrificed, Madame Xanadu tries to aid Katar but the good guys are simply overwhelmed and outnumbered. Or so it seems…

Hawkman vs. Idamm. Via DC Comics.

The big twist that defines this issue – Katar summoning his past lives into an army to resist the Deathbringers – is a great visual and I’m pleased that we get to see these characters again. Even the doomed Kryptonian Hawkman returns, given one more chance to save a world and avenge his own.

But the dynamic that brings them back from the void is never fully explained, just mumbled over. The two-page spread that brings them back is amazing, but the best scene of the issue is Carter standing alone – a brilliant scene where he saves a large group of falling civilians by engaging them all and getting them to help him save each other. This series has had a very good ongoing theme of the power of unity – between Hawkman and allies, between Hawkman and his past selves – and this issue drives it home.

The final issues of this arc are sure to bring big action, but this issue nicely keeps it grounded in the main character’s humanity.

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