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I must say, I am becoming a convert. All this time, I have had a deep loyalty to Z-Wave standard products and now these products from Momentum are becoming my security go to. If you have been reading my other Momentum series reviews this will seem familiar – if not, You can find them here: Aria Floodlight Cam and the Niro Garage Controller. Now I am taking a look at the Cori HD Smart Home Security Camera.

Cori Two Pack Cams

The Cori Cameras are basically just the camera part of the Aria and the Niro. Which is perfect for around the house. There is not really a lot to say about the great little cameras. From the time I opened the box, to the time I was looking at live feeds, was around 10 minutes. They do not get much easier. I know when I first started out with Z-Wave cameras in 2015, it would take a couple of tries to get them to pair with the hub, but these new cameras just connect via wi-fi and you are set.

As stated in my previous reviews, the cameras have great functionality. Fantastic motion and sound detection – I can pick up when a cat enters the room or adjust to not be that sensitive. One great feature is the ability to turn on and off zones on the camera. I basically turned off the bottom two feet of flooring and stairs to prevent cats from tripping the sensors – much better than just adjusting the sensitivity.

Cori Cam Zones

They also have two-way audio, so you can intercom to different rooms or ‘walkie talkie’ as I call it to the kids – they have no idea…

I, again, recommend the Momentum family of products and the Cori HD Smart Home Security Camera in particular – due to the fact that they work well together and are very simple to install and use. They also has several plans for maximizing your surveillance needs. Personally, I have been using the Free version, but will now probably pull the trigger and upgrade to a paid subscription now that I have four units, which falls into the first level model.

For more information on the Cori HD Smart Home Security Camera visit or visit!


Disclaimer: A Codi 2 pack of cameras was provided for review purposes.

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