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Recently, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Niro Garage Door Controller with Wi-Fi Camera by Momentum. I like the convenience of having multiple units controlled by just a few apps, so I thought I would also try out their outside floodlight, also with a camera, the Aria. The Aria LED Floodlight with Wi-fi Camera is exactly as it sounds—it is a motion sensing floodlight that also has a wi-fi camera built in. Ring has a similar product that also connects with the Ring system, however it is more expensive, needs a monthly subscription, and is on the Ring system (which I do not have any other products).

When I first received the Aria, I noticed that it came packaged with nearly everything needed, except a few tools for installation. Normally that is something that is reserved for units like this that are much higher in price. By this, I mean that it came with mounting hardware that was individually packaged and a small screwdriver for taking the unit apart, which is required in the install.

The installation process was no different from installing any other lighting fixture outside. Hopefully, you would just be replacing a current light fixture with this unit, which would be just a few screws and wiring up. My installation was not so lucky. (See below for update on this) One important feature to note of this unit, is that it cannot be mounted horizontally—it must be mounted on a vertical wall in order to function properly. This was unfortunate for me, because all of my exterior lighting is mounted in the overhang of my garage.

This is what I wanted to replace, but could not.

I really wanted to have this light for the back of my garage, so after a little bit of cutting and a run to the hardware store for a lighting receptacle, I was in business. After all of that it was just a couple of screws, wrap off the wires, and turn the power back on.

This is how the mount ended up.
Finished installation

After the Aria was installed and the power was restored, the setup for the wi-fi was crazy easy. In fact, the camera started talking to me. Through its speaker, which is a 110-decibel built-in siren, it talked me through the rest of the setup and told me when everything was ready. It does not get much easier than that! All of the features were added to the already-installed Momentum app and work just like the garage door controller.

Aria page in app
My backyard at night.

As you can see from the images, I can now see my backyard (even at night); turn the lights on and off; and have a motion light with alarm, if needed. The Aria Wi-Fi Camera has HD 1080P resolution with 270-degree detection range.  I highly recommend the Aria to anyone looking to upgrade their exterior lighting and security—and even to those who are looking to install one from scratch.

For more information about all Momentum products, visit: To get one for yourself, stop by your local Home Depot or visit:

Momentum also has several plans for maximizing your surveillance needs. Personally, I have been using the Free version, but may upgrade to a paid subscription now that I have two units, which falls into the first level model.


UPDATE: In the time since my original review, Momentum has updated the Aria to allow for horizontal mounting! See below for new imagery.

Aria horizontal mount
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