Dual Bet Poker Plus, Images: Kupernik Enterprises

Game Preview: ‘Dual Bet Poker Plus’

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Dual Bet Poker Plus, Images: Ku Per Nik Enterprises
Dual Bet Poker Plus, Images: Ku Per Nik Enterprises

This post was sponsored by Ku Per Nik Enterprises.
Dual Bet Poker Plus is a new, family-friendly, strategic tabletop game from Ku Per Nik Enterprises. The game is based around Texas Hold’em style poker but adds in additional layers of strategy that will have you thinking several steps ahead instead of focusing purely on the cards in your current hand.

The game is launching soon and you can order one of your own at a special pre-production price of $39.99 through the Dual Bet Poker Plus website.

In Dual Bet Poker Plus, you will be challenged to play a “game within [a] poker game” by winning as many of the five Card Bets as possible, whilst simultaneously building up the winning poker hand to win the separate poker pot. Intrigued? Then check out a video that shows some example gameplay.

We will be receiving a pre-production sample of the game shortly and will be posting up a full review. For now, you can check out an unboxing video of the first ever samples of Dual Bet Poker Plus on the game’s website, read through a full set of instructions to learn more about the gameplay, or brush up on your knowledge of what beats what in poker hands if you’re feeling a little rusty.

For updates on the game, keep an eye on the Dual Bet Poker Plus social media feeds including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and watch out for our full review coming soon.

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  1. This is a fun, interactive game you’ll want to play again and again. I highly recommend registering on the pre order site!

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