‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures’ Videos and Toys

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures revisits many classic characters, pivotal moments, and retro action figures to bring the original trilogy to a new audience.

Let’s start with an unboxing of the wave 1 and wave 2 Galaxy of Adventures figures. My son is a huge Star Wars fan, as you can see, and he loved these new toys! At five years old, what he won’t notice is the limited articulation that is both a little frustrating as an adult while also being a nice updated retro callback to the original toys I grew up with.

Each figure comes in a handy, easy to open tube which reduces a lot of typical action figure packaging.

All of the figures come with an accessory (or two, if you’re Yoda) and a mini-comic book. The back of the comic book is a backdrop related to the specific character.

The comics themselves feature a well known short story about that specific character. Each comic also has a QR code that automatically shoots you to the Galaxy of Adventures section of the Disney website. Scanning the QR code filters the videos to ones relevant to the specific characters, however, you can also just browse the site (without buying the toys) and there is plenty there to enjoy!

There are webisodes in a very nice updated animation style of classic scenes from the movies, as well as tons of fun facts about the characters, weapons, ships, and more! There is a ton to explore for any Star Wars fan.

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