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Geek Links: ‘Stranger Things’ Gets Its Own ‘D&D’ Starter Set

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Just last night my gaming group was talking about how outrageously cheap the existing Dungeons & Dragons 5E Starter Set had gotten—seriously, it’s like 10 bucks on Amazon. So imagine my surprise when, this morning, I discovered that a new version of that beloved introductory product will soon be available, and it’s based on the very module that young Will Byers and friends played in season one of Netflix’s Stranger Things!

Priced at a mere $24.99 and set to be released on May 1, this Stranger Things-themed D&D adventure includes character sheets for party members like Will the Wise, the requisite set of dice, an easy-start rulebook, and not one but two Demogorgon figures. It looks like a fantastic way for new players to experience the game, seasoned RPG  gamers to return to the table, and ST fans to relive the show’s iconic scenes. (I mean, save the whole “getting pulled into a dangerous alternate dimension” part.)

Stranger Things D&D starter

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