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The Evermore Origin pack. Image by Rob Huddleston

I basically live my professional life out of my backpack. While my backpack (I still use this one as my everyday pack) works well for work, where I need to have my laptop with me, there are lots of times I’d like to be able to have something to carry around a few smaller essentials, like some pens, my Moleskine notebook, and the like. I also carry a 64oz Hydroflask basically everywhere I go, and while I love it, it can be a hassle to transport, particularly because that backpack doesn’t have anyplace to carry even a small water bottle, much less a big one.

It was with all of these things in mind that I jumped at the chance to take a look at the Evermore Origin Bag, which the company sent me for review purposes.

The inside of the Origin front flap. Image by Rob Huddleston

Right out of the box, I was impressed by the look-and-feel of the Origin. The exterior is made from heavy-duty canvas, and all of the seams are reinforced, so I suspect I’ll have this bag at my side for a long time. The back and the straps have an airmesh to keep you comfortable when you’re wearing it. The shoulder strap is made from a heavy cotton mesh that appears not only durable but stylish as well.

One of the pair of D-clips opened and attached to the MOLLE webbing. Image by Rob Huddleston

The front of the bag has a wrap-around flap with MOLLE webbing that provides the potential for tons of uses. The company sells a multi-purpose MOLLE clip that would be great to attach a flashlight or small tripod to the pack. The inside of this flap is lined with nylon that provides some small amount of grip if you’re going to put a water bottle or something, but not quite enough grip to hold something heavy (like, for instance, a 64oz Hydroflask). However, the wings that extend off the bag on either side also include MOLLE webbing, and another add-on is a pair of locking D-rings. One set of these was included in my review sample, and they are fantastic, easily providing enough strength to hold the Hydroflask in place.

My 64oz Hydroflask nestled in the flap and secured with a D-ring. Image by Rob Huddleston

In fact, I now tend to use both packs together: my laptop, text books, and other big stuff goes in the Solo bag, while my Moleskine goes in the Origin, with the Hydroflask attached. I then sling the Origin over my backpack and secure it, allowing me to finally carry everything I need for work while still keeping both hands free.


The inner compartment stuffed full of essential baseball stuff. Image by Rob Huddleston

The inner compartment, which is also lined in nylon, has two pen clips, a small side pocket, and an adjustable flap to partition off part of the pocket. Whether by design or chance, the main compartment is perfect for my 8 1/4″ Moleskine. In fact, as you can see from the picture above, not only does the Moleskine fit (it’s the red book in the photo), but I was also able to get the Little League rule book and over a dozen sheets of folder paper in there without any trouble, which makes it perfect for me to take to the ballpark while I manage my son’s team this season.

The inner compartment empty. Visible are the pen holders, the small pocket, and the divider. Image by Rob Huddleston

I’ll admit that I don’t do much in the outdoors during the winter, since I have a whole thing about liking to stay warm, but I am looking forward to taking this with me once the weather improves and I start going on Scout camps again. Another thing that fits perfectly in the main compartment: the Scouts BSA Handbook.

One of the wings on the pack also has a small zippered pocket where you could keep an ID or some cash.

My only real regret with this bag is that I didn’t have it 8 months ago when my family went to New Zealand. It would have been the perfect day pack while we toured around places like Hobbiton, where a normal-sized backpack was too large (and often prohibited), and a fanny pack was, well, a fanny pack. This sized pack would have been ideal to store our essentials and stash small souvenirs we picked up along the way. And, getting that extra MOLLE clip would have allowed me to easily carry a small tripod, which I basically just did without for most of the trip.

Overall, I’m really enjoying the pack, and look forward to finding many more uses for it this spring and summer.

The Origin can be purchased directly from the Evermore website for $90.  A pair of D-clips are an additional $8 and well worth it. The MOLLE clip is also $8. The company is working on getting the bag listed on Amazon, so you should be able to get it there soon.

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