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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 86: Birthday Breakdown

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It’s 2019 and we’re all a year older… or maybe that’s just me.

Still, we bound into the new year with new music from LEX, The Grammar Club, and DJ Cummerbund. Like you do.

You can listen via the player below, download episode 86 directly, or subscribe to the RSS feed. Rock lob-stah!

00:45 DJ Cummerbund – “Detroit Rock Lobster”
04:44 Talking / More or Les – “BBWK01-The First One
05:15 LEX the Lexicon Artist – “Self-Proclaimed Psychic (feat. Schaffer the Darklord) [prod. Vince Vandal]
08:40 Pulsing x VoidDweller – “Soundblaster” (content warning)
10:58 Whatevski – “Blast Off (single version) feat. Touch & Mindbender (cuts by DJ WeezL)” (content warning)
14:53 Ultraklystron – “Hotline Bling (UK Garage Version)”
18:09 More talking / More or Les – “BBWK01-The First One”
19:07 More or Les – “BBWK04-Reeeeemiiiiix (Hate Rap feat. Wordburglar)” (content warning)
21:55 GaMetal – “Big Bad Baby Bowser (feat. Andrew Wrangell) (SMW2 Yoshi’s Island: Final Battle / Big Boss)
26:29 Kirby Krackle – “Lay It on the Line
31:04 Even more talking / More or Les – “BBWK01-The First One”
32:52 The Grammar Club – “Present in the Present

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