CleverMade Snapbasket Review

Review: Snapbasket LUXE

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CleverMade Snapbasket Review
It’s almost as tall as a bottle of… sparkling cider! Photo by A. Leach

As parents, we have to carry stuff. Kid stuff, parent stuff, work stuff, food stuff, all kinds of stuff. So many items are out there to carry stuff with, but not all of it is equal.

What is the Snapbasket LUXE?

The Snapbasket LUXE is an innovative tote that combines functionality with fashion. These heavy-duty canvas totes have arm brackets at each end that snap into place so each tote stands on its own without the sides collapsing or the contents spilling. It collapses super thin, so you can store it without taking up a ton of space.

CleverMade Snapbasket Review
It’s barely taller than a quarter. Photo by A. Leach

While most totes are collapsible or sturdy, but rarely both, the Snapbasket LUXE challenges the notion that you need to choose one or the other.

How did I test the Snapbasket LUXE?

In the interest of testing the Snapbasket LUXE rigorously, I decided I would try it as many ways as possible. In the long run, it did three things. First, it was the Mom Bin for an out-of-town swim meet for Derp, my highschooler. Second, it carried board games for a game night with friends. Third, it carried groceries.

Snapbasket LUXE at a swim meet

At the swim meet, I didn’t have pockets so I kept the car keys and my wallet in the zippered storage pocket. They were easy to find after the meet, while the inside of the Snapbasket LUXE looked like a hoarder had moved in from the mess of snack wrappers and scribbled on paper.

CleverMade Snapbasket Review
My keys and wallet could easily be found, making this pocket a huge winner for me. Photo by A. Leach

We also looked pretty darn good at the meet. While we almost always bring lots of *stuff* to a meet, it’s often hard to dig through a backpack and get what we want. More than a handful of parents and swimmers noticed how easy it was for us to quickly reach in and throw a snack or bottle of sports drink at the kids on our team, and when we told them it was collapsible, phones came out and pictures were taken.

CleverMade Snapbasket Review
This wasn’t even stuffed yet, and we had more than we normally could fit! Photo by A. Leach

Snapbasket LUXE at game night

While we have a few totes that carry huge loads of board games to and from big events (and never really get unloaded at home), we have never really owned something that can just go to game night comfortably. The great thing about the Snapbasket LUXE in this case was that we just unloaded it on the table, collapsed it, and stashed it leaning up against the wall. When it was time to go home, we quickly snapped it back open, loaded it up, and we were ready to go. While this convenience may not seem like much, it’s a lot better than looking around for the big bin we had to go put in another room that then got all the coats dumped in it.

CleverMade Snapbasket Review
It can carry a handy dandy bottle of wine, too! Photo by A. Leach

Snapbasket LUXE with groceries

As you might expect, groceries are a primary use for handy totes lately. With plastic bag bans going into effect throughout the country, I knew that groceries would be an important test. Because the Snapbasket LUXE can carry up to thirty pounds of goods, it’s great for a layer of canned goods with some other stuff on top. The sturdy sides also make it ideal for a trip to farmer’s market where you might not want the stuff inside to get squished.

CleverMade Snapbasket Review
So many cans, and still not at its weight capacity. Photo by A. Leach

My only complaint is that the handles of the Snapbasket LUXE aren’t quite long enough to throw over your shoulder, so it’s more or less the only thing I can carry in a single load with one arm. I prefer to wear my market bag on my shoulder at our local summer markets, but this was just fine for

How to use the Snapbasket LUXE

Grab the Snapbasket LUXE from any nook where you’ve stored it, pull the elastic band holding it closed around, and snap the end brackets in place. It’s as simple as that. When we used it to pack snacks and necessities for the swim meet, half asleep at 5:00 AM on a Saturday morning, it took about ten seconds to unfold and prepare. Wide awake, I could probably cut that time in half, but I’m not counting.

Why you should get the Snapbasket LUXE

If you carry things sometimes, but also want the thing you use to carry them to be able to collapse and store quietly and unassumingly, you want a Snapbasket. If you also want your stuff to be in a bag that is as gorgeous as it is sturdy, you want the Snapbasket LUXE.

My only complaint is that the handles of the Snapbasket LUXE aren’t quite long enough to throw over your shoulder, so it’s more or less the only thing I can carry in a single load with one arm.

I jumped at the idea of another tote in my life, but when it comes down to it, I choose the Snapbasket LUXE to carry my stuff more often than any other totes now. It’s just so convenient and well made that I never fear how much stuff I have.

CleverMade Snapbasket Review
The elastic strap doesn’t ever get worn down because it will fit between the rubber feet of the tote, so it will stay good forever. Photo by A. Leach

Storing instead of toting? There’s a Crate for that!

In addition to the Snapbasket totes, CleverMade has a series of CleverCrates. With a 75 pound capacity, I’ve started storing my overflow crafting stuff in them. The walls snap into place unlike most other folding crates, and while they’re folded, the lid snaps into the bottom of the crate so you’ll never lose it!

I’ll likely be using these to transport items to craft fairs and bazaars for the foreseeable future, but MCJ has already tried thieving them for his own use. He’ll probably get a set for some random present-giving holiday at some point, because he is obsessed with them for his miniature wargaming armies.

Price and availability

The Snapbasket LUXE is available on Amazon for 29.99.

You can also see the entire Snapbasket line at the CleverMade website.

CleverCrates are also available on Amazon. A set of three is only $59.99.

Disclaimer: This reviewer received a complimentary Snapbasket LUXE and set of CleverCrates in exchange for an honest review.

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