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Do people frequently call your office or man cave a dungeon? To say that it is dark in my home office is like saying the sun is a little warm. I recently did a Google Hangout with some of the GeekDads for a podcast and despite being on camera, nobody knows what I look like! The brightest light source in my office is the glow of my laptop screen, so I’ve been meaning to find a decent desk lamp to light up my life, but I haven’t had the time or inclination to look for one yet.

Luckily, I recently received a black TaoTronics TT-DL05 dimmable LED desk lamp to try out. The first thing I noticed upon opening the box is that the entire lamp has a very nice, matte black texture due to a full rubber coating (which has the added benefit of also making it easy to clean and spill resistant for those of us who tend to be a tad clumsy.) I’m not a big fan of shiny things and immediately appreciated the aesthetic of the lamp.

Image: TaoTronics

I set the lamp on my desk, plugged it in and turned it on by tapping the middle of the dimmer bar. The controls for the lamp are very nice. The far left of the strip is the on and off and the rest of the bar controls brightness. You can tap the bar at the level you want, or gently slide your finger up and down the bar to control the level. There are seven distinct brightness levels but the smoothness of the control makes it feel like a continuous gradation. The best thing about it is that when the lamp is turned off and back on, your brightness level isn’t reset.

My office with the lamp off, at half power, and full power. Photo by Will James.
My office with the lamp off, at half power, and full power. Photo by Will James.

The lamp uses only 9W while producing 450 lumens with 30 LEDs. I actually found that on full, the lamp is actually too bright for me so I’ll be using it at half power which should save me even more energy and make it last longer. The light the lamp gives off is pretty close to a daylight bulb (from what I can tell with a naked eye) which I prefer to a more yellowish light.

Image: TaoTronics

The base of the lamp does take up a little more real estate on my desk than I’d like — its five inches by seven and a half — but it is very low profile and the base provides a lot of stability. That stability comes in handy because the gooseneck of the lamp can be used to put your lamp in just about any position you could want without feeling like the lamp is going to fall off your desk.

The TaoTronics TT-DL05 dimmable LED desk lamp sells for $39.99 and comes in two colors — black and pink. The lamp includes a one-year warranty and is a great value for such a nice looking, energy saving lamp especially considering TaoTronics says the lamp will last 25 years.

Note: TaoTronics provided a lamp for review purposes.

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