Does ‘The Rocketeer’ Still Hold Up?

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Crack open a can of Surge and strap on your jetpacks!

Jake + Mitch hearken back to sweet ’90s nostalgia of another childhood favorite, Disney’s The Rocketeer. Because if these guys don’t preserve the legacy of pre-renaissance Comic Flicks, who will?

Struggling to break out of Dick Tracy’s shadow, The Rocketeer underperformed at the box office. While it’s still enjoyed as a near cult-classic status, it still begs the question: Does the movie hold up?

The guys breakdown the surprising (at the time) villainous turn for James Bond, share favorite Disney Jr. shows, and grapple with two Oscar winners owning the screen in this under-seen title.

At the end of the day, the Nazis lose and the good guys win. What’s not to love?

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