Bodaciously Awesome Family Show: Holiday Movies

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There is no season that has more movies associated with it than Christmas. Halloween probably comes next – but nothing tops this time of year. What holiday movies do you watch with your family?

Recently we sat down to discuss the movies we watch. There are the ones that we make sure are viewed every year (Elf and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, for instance). Additionally, we talk about classics that our kids have only seen once or twice (like A Christmas Story for some odd reason. Luckily after going to see ICE! this year they were all in about watching it again). We also get on a topic if some movies should be considered holiday movies or not (Rise of the Guardians was the example we discussed).

Sorry, if you’re looking for a Die Hard conversation… you’re too early. My kids are still too young to watch it.

What are your must-sees during the season? Anything that gets you in the holiday mood? Let us know. No judgment (even if you say Ernest Saves Christmas).

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