Things You Didn’t Know You Wanted to Buy Online

Despite all the benefits of online shopping, there was a definite lack of exclusivity that was strictly in the realm of custom retailers who created items just for specific clients. Unique items that could meet a customer’s physical requirements and personal requests have, for the most part, been lost to all but a very exclusive clientele… until now. Here are two online companies that are providing items that are crafted to match the patron.

Topology –

Eyeglasses are crafted to fit the average face, meaning they are okay, but not perfect, for most everyone. Topology makes frames from scratch, using over 2,000 3D measurements of your face from their iOS app (Android is in the works, don’t worry). Different styles of frame are suggested based on the shape of the user’s face and “eyewear experts” are available via chat to discuss choices. Users then review the fit with augmented reality images of the appropriately sized frames in the chosen style and color before ordering a risk-free prototype all within the app.

The prototype is created using a CNC machine (for acetate) or a laser cutter (for metal) and sent to the user with clear glass lenses. If necessary, changes and tweaks can be made, with the help of those same eyewear experts and then the final pair can be ordered. The final frames are crafted with a high-resolution machine and then inspected and polished before prescription lenses are crafted to match the custom frames and the finished eyeglasses are sent out (yes, insurance & HSA/FSA accepted).

Topology creates eyeglasses that are truly customized to each and every face.
Topology creates eyeglasses that are truly customized to each and every face.
Image Credit: Topology

After talking with the team at Topology, they were so confident that their frames would be better than anything I’ve ever worn they offered a pair for my review (of course all opinions are my own). The prototype was a bit too wide for my preferences, and an agent quickly took a look and made adjustments to my file. The only other hiccup was that quality control caught errors in manufacturing – saving me from imperfect frames and lenses, but delaying their delivery. That being said, the frames (now perched on my nose) are the first pair of plastic-based eyeglasses I have ever owned that don’t pinch or slip.

All frames from Topology are priced at $349 (not including the lenses), and Topology is excited to spread the word about their totally custom eyeglasses and have provided a special 15% discount for you, just use special discount code GEEKDAD at checkout.

Deejo –

Beautifully crafted pocket knives with nearly innumerable variations available. Deejo was included in < DeviceDiary > vol. 14, and they have continued to expand the catalog of customization.

Deejo knives are available in three sizes: 15g (7cm closed, perfect for a key-ring), 27g (9cm closed) and 37g (11cm closed). After selecting the size, the real personalization comes through… The finish of the blade can be mirror, grey titanium or black titanium. The handle can be colored translucent polycarbonate, carbon fiber, wood (user’s choice of exotic woods), or even “naked” with just the metal frame.

Personalized 37g Deejo pocket knife with a titanium finish, a “wing” tattoo and a handle of grenadilla wood.
Personalized 37g Deejo pocket knife with a titanium finish, a “wing” tattoo and a handle of grenadilla wood.
Image Credit: Benoît Jeanneton / Deejo

Making the Deejo knife truly unique is the “tattoo” – users can select from dozens(!) of different patterns that will be printed directly onto the metal blade. There are too many to list, but the catalog includes a Grizzly, a dreamcatcher, cherry blossoms, a classic Art Nouveau pattern, and (my favorite) a clockwork pattern.

Deejo provided a code for a customized knife for this review, all opinions are my own. Check out the Deejo website to design your own knife in an excellent 3D model.

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