Review: 4 Reasons the Smaller 8″ Lenovo SmartDisplay Is the Bigger Hit

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Back in August I reviewed the then-brand-new Lenovo Smart Display.  At least one version. Lenovo made both a 10″ and an 8″ model. We had tried out the 10″ and liked it quite a bit (really, go read it). I called it a niche product at the time, but I have to reevaluate. Because now I’ve tried out the 8″.

Why the love for the 8″? Let’s break it down.

4.  The 8″ Fits My Life Better
I (and many others) have a small kitchen. It’s one reason the last kitchen tablet I received had to go. A 10″ device is also just a drop too big. But the 8″ form-factor’s smaller footprint let me set it near my coffee stuff and almost forget about it.

I’m also using the recipe function a lot more. For the unfamiliar, the Smart Display will chunk recipes down to step. It’s really great.

3. Small Size, Big Audio
The speakers on the 8″ model has the same ‘oomph” as the 10. As I write this, I am sitting a room away and listening to my music with no issue. The built-in microphones are also picking up my commands wonderfully.

2. All the Big Features Are There
Lenovo could have skimmed off some things, but they didn’t. One other reviewer claimed the camera wasn’t there, but I have it. Maybe his was broken? Really, the only thing is lacks is a battery.

1. It Won My Wife Over
My far better half is not as in \to the whole smart home thing as I am (to put it lightly). However, she liked the 8″ much better than the 10″. It was less in your face. My son also loved it – he actually thought it was for his birthday.

All-in-all, the 8″ version of the Lenovo Smart Display is the better option for the majority of people. And at $179, it’s at a much less niche price (My advice? Keep an eye out for Black Friday and CyberMonday deals on the 8″ model!).

If you’re just starting out with the smart assistant revolution, or switching from speaker to display, the 8″ Lenovo Smart Display is worth looking into.

Note: Lenovo let me keep this 8″ smart display. I guess it was for the boy’s birthday after all.

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