The Kids’ Ears Will Love BuddyPhones

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The headphones from BuddyPhones have a collection of features that make using them safe for the kids and less worrisome for the adults. The WAVE headphones are the most complete model, adding an IP67 spill/waterproof rating that allows them to withstand heavy usage even when at the pool or on the beach. The review sample of the BuddyPhones WAVE headphones provided for this review have excelled both at home and on the road. (All opinions are my own.)

The 24-hour battery life of the BuddyPhones WAVE is enhanced by an included 2.5-foot BuddyCable that can also be used for wired listening if Bluetooth is not available or if the battery has run out. A special feature of the cable is the splitter built into the 3.5mm jack that allows users to share the audio—and the splitter can be stacked too, allowing up to four BuddyPhones to share.

The BuddyPhones WAVE comes in four different designs: a pink unicorn, a blue robot, a green monkey, and a yellow bee. Each comes all geared up with a matching travel pouch, an adjustable headband, and soft hypo-allergenic cushions that make them comfortable and long-lasting. All the BuddyPhone models, including the awesome WAVE, are available on Amazon here (affiliate link).

BuddyPhones WAVE headphones are waterproof, feature age-appropriate volume limiting, and awesome designs too.
BuddyPhones WAVE headphones are waterproof, feature age-appropriate volume limiting, and awesome designs too.
Image Credit: BuddyPhones

The feature that parents will most appreciate is the integrated volume limiting control to ensure protection from noise too loud for children’s ears—the setting is integrated into a built-in, always-on sound control circuit for use with or without power. Adults can set the volume to a maximum of 75 dB for toddlers, 85 dB for kids, or to 94 dB when in noisy environments such as airplanes. A final feature is the new StudyMode, which uses proprietary technology to optimize vocal clarity and enhance speech at 94 dB max—perfect for students using video for schoolwork on laptops or tablets.

Note: This post was updated to correct the photo to show the most current WAVE models and their description.

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