Kickstarter Alert: New Roost Laptop Stand

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Back in 2013, I got my hands on one of the original Roost laptop stands. The Roost is a extremely portable stand that helps prevent “laptop hunch” by bringing your laptop up to eye level, no matter where you are. It’s small enough to fit on a coffee shop table or in a library cubicle. Add a portable keyboard and mouse, and you are good to go.

I love my Roost.

Now, the folks that launched the original Roost Kickstarter are back (and in their final hours!) of a new Kickstarter project for a new and improved Roost. Here’s the video:

The changes I see, just from the video and pictures, are that hookups that allow the Roost to hold your laptop. On the original Roost, it could be complicated to get the Roost to hookup correctly. With the new Roost, it looks dead simple, and adaptable to just about any laptop out there (the original Roost needed to be modified for different screen sizes, and wouldn’t fit smaller laptops, like my 11″ MacBook Air).

For $49, the Roost is a worthwhile investment if you do a lot of computer work away from home. It adds hardly any weight to your laptop bag, takes up very little room, and will decrease your neck and back strain significantly.

Go check it out! They’re in their final hours now, so contribute as soon as you can.

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