Radio Free Hipster Ep. 82: Electroclash BBQ

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Radio Free Hipster

With November comes the in-betweener episodes—the brief pause between Halloween and Christmas. Today we reflect a bit on the early days of nerdcore and celebrate the life of Song Fighter extraordinaire Brother Machine.

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00:44 Dual Core – “Urban Explorers (feat. Sulfur)
05:44 Talking / Adam WarRock & Ruckus Roboticus – “Ira Glass (Instrumental)
06:44 MC Frontalot – “Penny Arcade Theme” (content warning)
08:57 Supercommuter – “Night Flier
12:35 I Hate You When You’re Pregnant – “Gary Sinise” (content warning)
15:00 The Grammar Club – “Radio Chad
18:42 More talking / Adam WarRock & Ruckus Roboticus – “Ira Glass (Instrumental)”
19:37 ComputeHer – “Outer Space
22:20 Project Blue Book – “Fantastic Planet” (content warning)
25:41 More or Les – “Double Tomahawk (feat. Jesse Dangerously)
28:04 Elfonso – “Retirement from Hyrule”
31:13 Even more talking / Adam WarRock & Ruckus Roboticus – “Ira Glass (Instrumental)”
33:30 Brother Machine – “It’s the End, La La La”

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