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Music and mindfulness go hand in hand. What quiets a fevered imagination? What provides a gentle metronomic beat and puts words to expressions and thoughts? Lianne Bassin‘s new CD, Everyone Grows, delivers a set of mindfulness exercises for children, sparing all the rock in favor of pianos and strings and all things feeling good.

Lianne Bassin
Lianne Bassin’s new music and mindfulness CD for children.

“Can You Hear Your Body” typifies the message that Lianne wants to convey—“what if…” questions are answered by kids, with the refrain “Listen to your feelings, talking to you.” You know exactly what you’re getting with titles like “Quiet,” “Be Free,” “Dream,” and “Kite.” The rap-infused “Mr. Bear and Birdie Together Again” brings together two diverse animals who express their shared frustrations and techniques to deal with their emotions.

Lianne is on a mission to peacefully promote polite and pastoral pieces. Everyone Grows is an earnest and soothing landscape of imagery and instrumentation for preteens, and it evens ends with a public service message. (For that, you need to click through to hear what I’m talking about.) Namaste and be well, all those under Lianne’s tutelage.

Everyone Grows: Songs for Mindfulness is available on November 1 from Lianne’s websiteSoundcloudAmazon, and Apple Music.

Lianne doesn’t have many videos, so here’s the Kickstarter video for the CD:

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