'Mail Order Monster' Movie Poster

Exclusive Clips From ‘Mail Order Monster’ (Now Available on Digital)

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'Mail Order Monster' Movie Poster

Discussing heavy topics with children can be tough. Dealing with death, bullies at school, or even the addition of a new step-parent to a household can be hard to navigate, much less all three. Filmmaker Paulina Lagudi attempts to tackle just that task in the new family movie Mail Order Monster, available on digital platforms November 6, 2018.

Not only did young Sam (the delightful Madison Horcher) witness her mother’s death, now she’s the target of her former best friend’s bullying. After seeing an ad in a comic book, Sam orders parts to build her very own “monster” to help her tackle her struggles. If that wasn’t enough, Sam also finds out that her life’s about to change even more when her father’s girlfriend becomes her new stepmom. Can her mail order monster help her cope even further?

While this tale is probably best suited for the 12 and younger crowd, it is a wholesome family movie that has earned a Dove seal of approval. Mail Order Monster uses a nice combination of practical and special effects, and its earnestness is endearing. Check out a couple of exclusive clips below, or watch the trailer online before checking out the family-friendly flick!


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