Zendure Passport Travel Adapter

Zendure Passport Travel Adapter: Travel With Power

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Zendure Passport Travel Adapter
This is about as compact as it gets when it comes to International Travel Adapters (Image from Zendure.com)

International travel can be fun, but figuring out how to keep all of your electronics powered can be a real pain. The Zendure Passport Travel Adapter has you covered for just about anywhere you want to travel, all in a single device (no attachments or adapters needed).

What Is the Zendure Passport Travel Adapter?

As I was wandering through the aisles of CES this past January in Las Vegas, I stumbled upon the Zendure booth and their travel adapter immediately caught my attention. I have done quite a bit of international travel for my day job and I have always used some combination of attachments and adapters that I have to use in order to allow me to use local power. It’s very confusing and bulky to have to carry around all these adapters when I travel. So when I saw the Zendure Passport, my first thought was back to my childhood and playing with Transformers toys.

Zendure Passport Travel Adapter
The Zendure Passport Travel Adapter even looks a little like a Transformer (Image from Zendure.com)

With the Zendure Passport, there is not a crazy collection of adapters required to travel, just a really slick-looking cube with an array of sliders that configure the cube into the power plug configuration needed for the country you are currently visiting. Below are the specifications for the Zendure Passport:

  • Dimensions: 2.24″ x 2.8″ x 2.5″ / 57mm x 72mm x 64mm
  • Weight: 5.6oz / 159g
  • Built-in US, UK, European, and Australian connectors
  • 5V/5A total USB (four ports combined), 600W 100V AC, 1500W 250V AC
  • AUTO-RESETTING FUSE: Zendure Passport is the World’s First Global Travel Adapter with Auto-resetting Fuse
  • EASY “PRESS AND SLIDE” BUTTONS: With Passport, you only need to use one hand to push the country buttons, and slide to extend the power connector directly
  • FOUR POWERFUL USB PORTS: Zendure Passport is the smallest international travel adapter with four powerful USB ports (5A/25W max), the highest in the industry
  • Passport travel adapter covers more than 150 countries with USA/UK/EUROPE/AUS/CA/JP plugs, which and be worked in USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Central America, South America, Asia, the Middle East etc…

One very important thing understand about the Zendure Passport Travel Adapter is that it IS NOT a voltage converter. Anything you plug into the Zendure Passport needs to able to accept the local conditioned power (voltage and amperage) of the country you are visiting. Most modern electronics (computers, cell phones, tablets, gaming systems) accept a pretty wide range of power and the power adapters that come with these items convert the power for you. But not every electronic item you travel with does this, so be sure to check. Razors, hair dryers, and curling irons are the most notorious for not accepting a wide range of power characteristics so do not use these items in another country without checking first.

How I’ve Been Using the Zendure Passport

My main charging needs when on travel are for my laptop, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and my gaming system of choice (the Nintendo Switch).

Zendure Passport Travel Adapter
My Nintendo Switch safely charging in London with the Zendure Passport (Image by Skip Owens)

All of these items accept a large range of power characteristics so I only need a power adapter and not a power converter, so the Zendure Passport is all I need when I travel. Most of these devices charge via USB so the four built-in USB ports in the side of the Zendure Passport make it an extremely useful travel companion. Hotels are notorious for having too few and poorly placed power outlets, so being able to charge pretty much all of my devices at the same time with the Zendure Passport is huge.

The second use of the Zendure Passport was by one of my co-workers who traveled to the Netherlands in July. I was supposed to travel with her, but I had other travel that took priority (its been a pretty rough travel year for me at work) so I didn’t get to go. But I did let her travel with the Zendure Passport and she absolutely loved it. She found the four built-in USB ports just as amazing as I did.


The Zendure Passport is a winner in my book. It is a very compact and lightweight cube you can just toss into your luggage and know that you have everything you need from a power perspective when you get to your destination. There is no question about how to configure the Zendure Passport either. I’ve used other systems and it can be quite the process to figure out which combination of adapters you need for a given country. With the Zendure Passport it is just one push button slide to configure it and you are all set. The four built-in USB ports is the killer feature of this device, something I would quantify as essential (how is this not a feature all travel adapters have).

The Zendure Passport retails for $49.95 in the US and is available directly from the Zendure website as well as from Newegg, B&H Photo, and Hammacher Schlemmer.

Disclosure: Zendure provided me with a Zendure Passport to travel the world with and that is exactly what I plan to do with it.

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