Wyrmwood Dice Vault Cthulhu Mythos Edition Will Drive You To Insanity

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Defeat the magnetic seals to unveil the unknowable riches inside! (Image: Anthony Karcz)

Last year, Wyrmwood Gaming offered up its popular Hero Vault in a special “Haunted” edition, resplendent with specially chosen woods, and ash and bone inlays, and a “corrupted” Wyrmwood logo just for Halloween.

The craftsmen at Wyrmwood are at it again, but this time, they’ve created a Kickstarter inspired by Lovecraftian lore to bring a bit of that ol’ Elder God madness to your October.

So why a Kickstarter instead of an October deal? Well, when I chatted with Christopher Gates of Wyrmwood Gaming, he had this to say.

“…this Kickstarter was a last minute inspiration. This was to be our October/Halloween-inspired promotion, but we had a good feeling about this one and the videos and assets in general were coming along great, so we thought, ‘Hey, let’s try this on Kickstarter!'”

And it’s a good thing they did.

Chris didn’t give any numbers on last year’s Halloween promotion, but the Cthulhu Mythos Dice Vault campaign has already raised over $130,000, with one week to go!

The Vaults

But enough of the backstory, you’re here to look at the amazing dice vaults. Wyrmwood Gaming has outdone themselves this time. You can choose from:

  • Cherry, with text engraving – $40
  • Padauk, with ebony dust inlay – $60
  • Wenge, with turquoise inlay – $80
  • Bolivian Rosewood, with genuine bone inlay – $100
If you’re insane enough, you can read the secret script (Image: Anthony Karcz)

Each of the engraving or inlay options is done in Wyrmood’s own Cthulhu-inspired cult script. You can see how your phrase turns out by peeping their generator. It really makes the vaults stand out, especially the turquoise inlay on the Wenge wood. Wyrmwood sent over a vault with my name on it and it instantly became my favorite dice vault ever (but maybe that was just the influence of the Ancient Old Ones).

The bone inlay is rather sharp as well. I got my son a Hero Vault with bone inlay during last year’s promotion and it’s extremely attractive (if not a little bit creepy).

The Extras

Just a few of the add-ons you can get for your sweet new dice vault (Images: Wyrmwood Gaming)

You can add on the corrupted Wyrmwood logo (which I particularly enjoy) or, appropriately for a dice vault, get some dice to go with your vault of madness. The recently unlocked Bloodstone dice are some of the nicest dice I’ve ever seen and are completely worthy of being protected by your new vault.

And as always, Wyrmwood will back the dice vaults with their Craftsman’s Promise. They manufacture each piece by hand and stand by the final product. If there’s anything wrong with your vault, they’ll replace it, free of charge. They also believe in sustainable sourcing of their materials, and donate a portion of each sale to the Rainforest Trust.

The Creeping Madness

Fhtagn! Fhtagn! (Image: Anthony Karcz)

Time is short on this Kickstarter and November delivery dates have already been snatched up. However, you can still pledge now and get your Cthulhu Mythos Edition dice vault by December with delivery in time for Christmas!

Unlike other Wyrmwood Kickstarters, there’s no matrix of decisions to wend your way through. You pick your vault, then decide if you want a set of dice or engraving. That’s it! It’s refreshingly simple (as much as I love Wyrmwood, navigating their campaign options can sometimes be enough to drive one to gibbering madness).

If you trust your sanity or are just looking for a genuine wood dice vault that’s going to stand out from the pack, check out the Kickstarter page today before the terror from the deep rises and it’s too late.

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