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"Trapped!" Image by Daniel Lieske, used with permission."Trapped!" Image by Daniel Lieske, used with permission.

"Trapped!" Image by Daniel Lieske, used with permission.

Did you go read The Wormworld Saga when I pointed it out in January?

If not, what are you waiting for? I mentioned then that you could help support artist Daniel Lieske by buying a print or putting in a donation. Today while poking around Kickstarter (I just love this site!) I found that he’d started a campaign to raise money with some really great prizes. The goal is to raise money for an iOS/Android app which really showcases the artwork and has some nifty features like grayscale preliminary versions of the artwork — but the online comic will remain free and it’s worth supporting even if you don’t have a device to run the app. There’s less than two weeks to go but if you can afford the big bucks you can even get some gorgeous prints from Lieske, including the one pictured above.

The map that comes with the $500 level looks amazing (and isn’t available on Lieske’s regular site) but it that price was a bit high for me. I did, however, add my name to the list of backers, and so should you!

[via Kickstarter]

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