NYCC 2018 Supermansion Press Conference

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Sony Crackle introduces season three of their show Supermansion with a star-studded panel including Bryan Cranston.

What is it

Supermansion is the amazing creation from Robot Chicken producer Matt Senreich and Zeb Wells. It is a fun and irreverent take on the modern superhero craze with Bryan Cranston playing a past-his-prime hero Titanium Rex and supported by the other members of The League of Freedom. Much like Robot Chicken much of the humor is directed at the older members of the family so you may want to pass on letting the kiddies view this one. There are mild profanity and adult themes. That being said it is hilarious and a great deal of fun for the rest of us geeks. GeekDad was fortunate enough to attend the press conference that Sony held at this year’s New York Comic Con to hear what the cast and producers had in store for fans in season three. The following is the audio from that event. Warning: it is not family or work friendly but if you are a fan of Bryan Cranston prepare yourself for some hilarity.

The cast and producers of Supermansion at NYCC 2018

If you are looking to get more of a feel for the show Sony has released a season three trailer.

From the Producers:

The League finds themselves trapped in a dystopian future, but when they escape back to our time, they discover they’ve been gone six months…and Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine) and his Injustice Club has replaced them as the League of

Freedom! Rex (Bryan Cranston) and the team must learn what it means to be heroes without the fame and glory afforded them by their stature in the mansion. But it’s not all champagne and roses for Dr. Devizo (Chris Pine) – his ex-wife, Debbie Devizo (Minnie Driver), returns from the island he stranded her on decades ago. The island has turned her into an unstoppable killing machine…and Dr. Devizo is in her crosshairs! Rex and his team must decide if Dr. Devizo is worth saving…and then figure out how!

Sony Crackle Releases Supermansion Season 3

My Thoughts

I have to say that as a long time fan of Robot Chicken, Supermansion is a blast to watch. The episodes are just the right length to watch when you need something to stream and keep you amused while traveling or any time you choose to binge. You should absolutely add this to your Crackle list or sign up for Crackle (It’s free BTW). All episodes are live now so waste no time and have some fun!

Episodes for Season 3 of Supermansion were made available by Sony Crackle

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