spells trouble and octopi your feet

Fall for Sock It to Me’s Fall Collection

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You can tell it’s October in the Deep South when, for the first time in months, you wake up and it’s not already 80 degrees outside. (Hell, not to brag or anything, but I even wore a hoodie today!)

Despite my region’s lack of clear, distinct seasons, it is undoubtedly autumn, and with that comes the new fall fashion lines. As usual, the one that has me the most excited is from our Portland pals at Sock It to Me. With a distinctly earthy color palette and a number of obvious Halloween-y designs, SItM’s fall collection is sure to please your inner goth-geek.

rock pawty and booked for meow

Up first is our fiendish feline friend, the ubiquitous black cat. But rather than riding witches brooms or crossing soon-to-be-unlucky paths, these kitties are instead indulging their interests. “Rock Paw-ty” sees them ripping a guitar solo, while “Booked for Meow” has them pursuing literature… in a manner of speaking.

trick or treat and dogs of rock

Another common theme sure to please the animal lovers among us is critters in costume. “Trick or Treat” uses the classic sheet-ghost pastiche to delightful effect, while “Costume Party” dresses up pugs as bananas and bumblebees. My own favorite, though, is the Bowie-esque “Dogs of Rock“—and I’m a cat person!

spells trouble and octopi your feet

If you’re in the mood for something slightly spookier, Sock It to Me delivers there as well with classy skeletons (“Sir Skeleton“), grasping Cthulhoids (“Octopi Your Feet“), and the darkest of foul magicks (“Spells Trouble“). But best of all, right now you can score the socks of your choice—any of ’em—for 15% off in celebration of SItM’s 14th birthday!

So head over to Sock It to Me now to peruse the latest and greatest in comfortable, affordable, and uniquely nerdy hosiery. And don’t forget to check out the winning submissions from this year’s Design-A-Sock contest.

Review materials were provided by Sock It to Me. Happy birthday, y’all!

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