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Bonus Word Wednesday: Space Adventure Poster

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Space Adventure Poster

This Week’s Word Is “Rocket.”

This week, I have double the usual Word Wednesday posts for you, because rockets are apparently like buses, and two have come along at once. Do check out my review of the brilliantly factual Spacecraft by Nasa historian Micheal H. Gorn but not until you’ve checked out this post about the deliciously fictional Space Adventure Poster Kickstarter.

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What Is the Space Adventure Poster?

It’s the creation of two British graphic illustrators, who have imagined a spaceport some 50 years in the future. The poster is filled with retro styling and crammed to the brim with spaceport action. If Hergé met Waldo, (assuming he could find him) this might be the result. (I guess, as Tom and Andy are British, it should be Where’s Wally, rather than Waldo.)  The poster is an isometric cross-section and includes hundreds of illustrated characters, all of which are unique.

Space Adventure Poster
The full poster image.

What’s in the Space Adventure Poster Campaign?

There are various pledge levels, and not all of them include a poster, so if you love the styling but don’t have the wall space or enough Earth credits for the full shebang, there may still be an option for you.  Pledges will be ready in time for Christmas and can be shipped worldwide. Do check for postage rates though.

The stickers won’t break the bank.

Pledge levels include: (Dollar rates are approximate an unofficial.)

  • £4 ($5.5 for sticker set (or £6 ($8) for two).
  • £11 ($15) for a Mug. I love this mug. It is destined to become my new favorite mug.
  • £15 ($20) for the poster (18″ X24″). This is an early bird price with only 3 left at the time of writing.
  • £20 ($27) for the poster (18″ X24″). This is the standard price. (You can also have 2 for £35 ($47)).
  • £37 ($49) for a larger poster (24″ x 32″).
  • £55 ($73) for a standard poster and awesome wall vinyls.
  • £60 ($80) – Why spend £55 when you can spend £60 and go all in. One 18×24 poster, a mug, stickers, and wall vinyls.

There are a couple of further pledge levels for two large posters and an all-in large poster set.

Space Adventure Poster Mugs
Did I mention the mug?

Why back the Space Adventure Poster?

Did I mention the mug?

I absolutely love the retro styling and the Destination Moon vibe of the Space Adventure Poster. I haven’t actually seen the poster in the flesh yet, but I loved the look of the campaign so much, especially as today’s Word Wednesday word is “Rocket,” I had to write about it. The poster will look fabulous in any bedroom. Whether you give it to the kids is up to you. For £20, you’re getting a work of art; one that’s been expertly designed. It’s one of those images you can stare at again and again finding something new to enjoy every time.

If you’d like to back the Space Adventure Poster, check out the Kickstarter today. You’ll find all sorts of information and extra images of the poster there.

If you enjoyed this Word Wednesday bonus, do check out the other columns in the series. Especially today’s about Spacecraft.

Space Adventure Poster
Detail view of the poster.
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