7 Questions Answered About CouchBed (The Greatest Piece of Furniture Ever Invented)

CouchBed! CouchBed! CouchBed! (Image: CouchBed)

“What’s that in your office?”
“That looks cool, what is it?”
“It’s a what? I’m going to get one right now.”

The answer to all these questions (and many more I’ve been asked since acquiring said furniture), is CouchBed.

What is a CouchBed?

It’s a piece of furniture that Emmet from the LEGO Movie would be proud of. It’s a cooling-gel infused memory foam mattress with a hinge that allows one side to become the back of a cooling-gel infused memory foam couch. You can get either a twin or queen size mattress and choose from one of six colors.

Who’s the CouchBed it For?

Anyone who needs extra seating and/or sleeping areas. People who have limited space. College students. High school students. People who are remodeling and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a sleeper sofa, but also don’t want the college “chic” look of a futon. My cat (more on that shortly).

It’s for everyone, really. There’s not a person that I’ve shown it to that hasn’t immediately wanted more information.

Is the CouchBed Easy to Use?

Cat not included. (Image: Anthony Karcz)

CouchBed comes, as most online mattresses do, rolled up and vacuum-sealed in a large box. The twin size that CouchBed sent to me is around 50 lbs. Wrangle the box into the room however you can (you might want a hand truck for this), decant the CouchBed, cut the plastic, and unroll. In about ten minutes you have a fully functional CouchBed!

To convert it, grab the top and flip it towards or away from you. You might want a little help (it can be unwieldy), but I’ve done it on my own several times. The folded portion snugs down so that there’s barely any gap.

But Does the CouchBed Look Good?

Surprisingly, it’s one of those products that really does look as good as its stock photos. The fabric covering the CouchBed feels durable, yet still soft.

I got the charcoal CouchBed and it’s pleasingly textured, with a variation of color throughout the cover. It looks much higher end than it should for the price. My only issue is that the cover is a little loose around the edge of the seat when in couch mode. As the foam has expanded, it’s tightened up the cover a bit, but there are still a few wrinkles weeks later. At the same time, I don’t care because…

Can the CouchBed Actually be Comfortable?

Simply put, CouchBed is one of the most comfortable mattresses and couches I’ve ever had a chance to lounge on.

Throughout the day my cat and I constantly fight for who gets to sit on it (he usually wins). The back is surprisingly supportive and the cutout is pleasingly curved so it’s easy to tuck yourself into a corner. As a mattress, the cooling gel effect is actually noticeable (one of the first times I’ve actually see that make a difference). It’s perfect for keeping you comfortable during those impromptu afternoon naps (and trust me, they’re going to happen).

As fancy or as simple as you need it to be. (Image: CouchBed)

Unlike most dual-purpose furniture, the CouchBed is comfortable in both configurations. You could easily make it your main mattress and it’s certainly more than comfy as a couch.

My only issue? It’s low. The twin CouchBed is just 20 inches high, so you’re not far off the floor at all. CouchBed does sell a convertible base that will raise it to a more standard couch height, but they’re sold out until November. You can use a standard twin or queen frame if you can’t wait that long.

That said, I’ve been using mine without a base since it arrived and, while I do wish my CouchBed was taller, it hasn’t hurt my overall enjoyment of it.

So What Does the CouchBed Cost and Where Can I Buy it?

Other than the sheer delight of the CouchBed itself, the price is the next best part. Sleeper sofas are heavy and expensive, costing well over $1,000 in most cases. Mattresses in a box aren’t cheap either, running into the thousands for the most expensive options.

That’s why I was shocked when I saw that the price for a twin CouchBed is $399 (currently on sale for $349). The queen CouchBed is just $100 more at $499.

Even better, CouchBed is giving GeekDad readers (that’s you) 10% off when you use our link. No coupons, no codes. Just click here and enjoy that sweet CouchBed life.

Thanks to CouchBed for providing a sample to review for this article. Opinions are my own.

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