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Last year we covered the home security system called Arlo. This elegant system allows you to control your home security from anywhere, any time, no hassle. This year, we’d like to introduce the Arlo home security light, aka Arlo Light. This home security improvement allows you to extend your safety network and improve deterrence.

Use It Anywhere

The Arlo Light system is very straightforward, but has lots of options. The greatest function, of course, is being able to control your outdoor security lights with your phone. This utility alone makes these worth including in a security setup because nobody likes it when a field mouse sets off the lights and they stay on forever.

Only Use It When You Need it

With Arlo, if the mouse sets off the light, you can engage an Arlo camera to investigate if there’s anything to worry about and turn off the lights if they aren’t needed. You can also set up your network so that if a Light turns on, it triggers a camera in the system, so it begins filming right away. That way, when you launch the app, it has been recording the whole time, and you never miss critical moments or details.

Other factors may be engaged as well. You might set the Light (and or cameras) to only function when you’re away from home and/or during certain times of the day. The geofencing feature is one of my favorite features in the Arlo system, as it allows you to leave the house whenever you like and know that your home is protected.

Image: Arlo

Customize It

My favorite feature is that the Light system is ridiculously customizable. If you want it to flash, it flashes. If you want it to put out fuchsia or cyan light, it can do that. If you want the two lights to have different behaviors, it can do that too. You can set Lights to activate all of your Arlo cameras or just a specific one. You can daisy-chain those commands so that lights and cameras come on in a certain sequence (though I haven’t played with this feature much), and you can still use all of your other Arlo devices the same way you did before if you like.

Image: Arlo


The Arlo Light uses the Arlo mount system, which is pretty darn cool. It allows you complete control over where the Light is pointing, just as much as it does for the camera system shown above. Installing these is extremely easy with a simple hand drill, and only somewhat difficult to install with screwdrivers.

What Does It Cost?

Arlo Light: $247.98
Arlo System (2 cameras): $192.00
Arlo Decorative Covers: $29.99

Image: Arlo

Is Arlo Light Worth the Expense?

I have to admit that Arlo may be an expensive system to set up. That said, it’s worth every penny. The peace of mind granted is invaluable, and the money saved over traditional security systems is staggering. I would never consider paying for a full-service security subscription. It’s just too much money over time. Arlo, on the other hand, is cheap to maintain, and has a generally affordable entry level.

The Light can operate without other Arlo products too. This means if you’re only looking for a deterrent using lights, you don’t have to invest in a full system. The Lights, though, do not have recording equipment. If you want to take advantage of the cloud storage for footage, you’ll need at least one camera to put to use.

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