Review and Indiegogo Alert: Kuwow Backpack Is Smart, Secure, and Stylish

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I thought when I was done with school I’d be done with backpacks, but no such luck. In the last two decades, I have gone through multiple modes of carrying my stuff, and the backpack is the best solution for me. (Sorry, messenger bag, but it wasn’t to be. The trick,¬†though, is finding a good one.

Many backpacks are too juvenile, too flimsy, or too obviously a laptop bag. While it can pretty much be assumed that any adult on the New York Subway with a knapsack has a tablet or laptop, I don’t like the ones that advertise “hey, rob me”.

Enter Kuwow. A stylish, waterproof, anti-theft backpack with room for your laptop, tablet, lunch, papers, etc. When I asked them for a review unit, I was sure they’d say no. And yet, here I am wearing one.

Rob meeeee
Photo: Kuwow

Let me note the only bad thing first: the Bluetooth tracking feature is a pain in the neck. I think it’s via the NUT tile? Except there are also indications that there’s one sewn in. Or is there one and the NUT? The world may never know.

The Kuwow is rugged. Tough, professional grade materials. We’re talking Kevlar. Yes, like Batman. When they say that it’s waterproof, they don’t kid around—I was caught in a sudden shower in it.¬† I was soaked to the bone but if you looked at the bag you’d have never known.

Bone dry and snug inside.
Photo by me.

It’s also insanely comfortable. Both for me and my devices. The laptop and tablet pouches are soft yet protective. Your stuff will be snug and secure. Speaking of secure, the lock is perfect. The zipper was stiff at first, but a week’s use made it workable.

Lock photo by me.

My review kit included a toiletry, camera, and “digital” bag. Personally, I had no use for them. The Kuwow by itself has a plethora of pockets. There’s even a USB cable that you can plug to a power bank, and then charge your phone via an exterior pocket!

Behold – the plethora
Source: Kuwow

I don’t know if I would recommend the Kuwow for the average commuter. Some of the features are almost overkill for me. But if you’re a heavy traveler whose bags might be out of your sight? Like an airplane or hotel? This is a fantastic bag. Also not a terrible idea for a college student. The Indiegogo pricing means the early birds can get it for less than the list price. The great news is they’ve already funded as of this writing, over 300% past the initial target! So this is gonna happen.

Note: Kuwow sent me an advanced version of the backpack. I’m the most fashionable kid in school.

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  1. How do I purchase this bag? I have been looking online for about 3 days I have no idea how to.. thank u for the help!!!

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