GBBP 195: R.A. Salvatore

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 195: R.A. Salvatore

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This week, we’re headed to the Forgotten Realms with superstar author R.A. Salvatore! Thirty years ago, Salvatore created the dark elf Drizzt Do’Urden. Over the course of more than 30 books, he’s explored the legend of Drizzt from all angles and plumbed nearly every corner of his world. But there’s always more story to tell. And his newest book, Timeless, kicks off a new trilogy that serves as a prequel of sorts. The book focuses on Drizzt’s father, Zaknafein, and is a fascinating prelude to the journeys that have shaped the modern-day Forgotten Realms (part of the Dungeons & Dragons universe).

Salvatore is one of fantasy’s most recognizable and successful authors. His books have sold millions of copies, and he’s been on the New York Times bestseller list dozens of times. According to many, he’s considered the father of modern epic fantasy. In addition to the millions of words he’s written for Drizzt and the Forgotten Realms, Salvatore has also helped build numerous other worlds, including The DemonWars Saga, the Crimson Shadow, Star Wars, and so much more.

On this episode, we talk with Salvatore about his many years playing in the Forgotten Realms sandbox, the freedom he had to develop the world and characters, returning to Drizzt with Timeless, playing EverQuest, novelizing Star Wars with Attack of the Clones, and killing Chewbacca.


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