Review – The Flash #52: Forces on the Loose

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The Flash #52 variant cover, credit to DC Comics.

The Flash #52 – Joshua Williamson, Writer; Christian Duce, Artist; Luis Guerrero, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: The follow-up to Flash War continues to unfold in The Flash #52. Both Wallys are gone from the book for now, with the original off at Sanctuary and Kid Flash in yet another feud with Barry. However, a major new element has been introduced to the title in the form of the other Forces – the Strength Force, Sage Force, and Still Force. With these powers unaccounted for, Barry has traveled into the Multiverse to the House of Heroes to confer with Flashes from across Hypertime. There, he finds out that none of them have ever heard of any of these, making clear they’re a power exclusive to his dimension. Not much happens in this segment, but it doesn’t matter because it’s such a great scene where we get to catch up with Flashes from classic properties ranging from the iconic (Kingdom Come) to the obscure (Tangent). I hope this League of Flashes shows up again, but for now it’s back to Central City where Barry has to deal with some much more mundane issues. The Trickster, who helped expose Warden Wolfe’s corruption in a recent arc, is now in police custody as he gives them information, but nothing ever goes smoothly in Central City.

Flash in the multiverse. Credit to DC Comics.

Sure enough, a pair of cyborg assassins known as the Para-Angels soon attack the police HQ to silence him, and Flash shows up just in time to stop him from being dropped a mile to the ground. This rescue is complicated by the arrival of Citizen Cold, Central City’s time-displaced super-cop, who doesn’t trust rogues and interferes long enough for Trickster to get away. He’s not usually much of a threat – and Barry seems to sympathize with the kid – but that might change as he runs away and gets gobbled up by some sort of lava portal. Once this crisis is over, the issue becomes a bit dialogue-heavy as Barry catches up with his partner Kristen, Warden Wolfe rages at Trickster being allowed to escape, and Barry and Iris settle into their new routine at home. This title gets the most attention for its big stories, but I really enjoy what Williamson has done with its core relationship and letting Iris in on the secret. Trickster showing up at the end as the Hulk courtesy of the Strength Force…I dunno. But this title has earned my faith and I’m excited to see where it goes next.

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