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Jimmy Buffett only sang one overt children’s song—“Caribbean Amphibian” for a Sesame Street special. Yet it lives in perpetuity on Kids Place Live, YouTube, and a host of other online venues. But if you enjoyed the gentle island feel of that tune, and wondered, “What would a full album sound like?” I’ve got the answer for you. The mega-named Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies and their second CD, The Something of Love.

My Purple Fox
‘The Something of Love’ from Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies

Part jam band, part educational experience, and 24×7 fun, Purple Fox and company was imagined into reality by Josh Friedman in late 2014 in Silicon Valley. And you thought only software and sitcoms came from that region. The Something of Love is a theme album, with the title track harkening back to Fishbone’s epic “Everyday Sunshine.”

Other tracks amplify the central theme, with “We Got It (Our Time Together),” “Forever Everyday,” “You’re Welcome (In My House),” and the Jamaican-influenced “Please (I Don’t Want to Harsh Your Mellow)”:

Please, when you know what you want but you don’t know what to say

Please, when you know what you need and you need it right away

Please, it’s a magic word that just can’t be replaced

Please, please

In my estimation, Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies will start some slow dancing gyrations with The Something of Love. It’s an infectious combination of warm-hearted vocals and zydeco with biscuits. Friedman and his congregation invite your family to celebrate the fusion of family, friends, and good funk.

The Something of Love is available from Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies’ websiteAmazonApple MusicCDBABY, and Soundcloud.

Here is the video for the band’s song, “S’alright”:

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