Mid-Atlantic Harry Potter Fans, Here’s a Convention for You

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If you live in the mid-Atlantic United States – particularly if you live in the Baltimore-Washington area – and if you enjoy the Harry Potter books and/or movies, you’re in luck. There’s a convention called “Potterverse” on August 17-19 on the Bethesda-Rockville, Maryland border that you really should attend.

Potterverse is run by the awesome folks of Onezumi Events, whose cons are uniformly great. They get that, especially for small cons, community is more important than excitement, and you can feel it in every part of the experience of attending theirs. They make a huge effort to make cons enjoyable for attendees of all ages, and do far more for kids than just sit them in a room with toys for hours, the way some cons do. Potterverse is in its third year of existence, and I guarantee I’d be going even if I weren’t a panelist.

I’m going to be on three panels at this year’s Potterverse: “Parents’ Guide to the Potter Universe,” “Growing Up With Potter,” and “If You Like This, You’ll Also Like…” I would love to meet any and all GeekDad and/or GeekMom readers who attend, so please come by and introduce yourself. The guests at this year’s con are highlighted by Dan Fogler, who memorably played Jacob Kowalski in the first Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie and is reprising the role in the second; Fogler has also just recently been announced as a new member of the cast of The Walking Dead TV show.

Registration prices for Potterverse are pretty reasonable to begin with, but to make them even better they’ve recently added a BOGO offer that I highly recommend taking advantage of.

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  1. I am also fan of harry potter and I See all parts of this. I know very well all character of this movie its my favorite. Gustavo Woltmann

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