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New Summer Styles From Sock It to Me

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It’s summer here in the solid south, a time when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of oscillating fans and central air conditioning, and where natives and transplants alike are reminded that our charming region of the continental US is a mere 12 feet from the surface of the friggin’ sun.

Ok, I exaggerate. But only a little.

Summer is already heating up here in the southeast, but some sweet relief recently arrived for me and mine in the form of another seasonal care package from our friends at Portland’s Sock It to Me. Since 2004, SItM has been crafting comfortable, high-quality hosiery and underclothes with a unique pop culture slant, and their summer styles are no exception.

sitm no shows

New for 2018—and joining the already expansive collection of crew, kids, and knee-high options—are no-show socks. Initially available in eight designs from the space-faring Lightspeed to the culinary Burger & Fries and the nigh inexplicable Bumper Sloths, these No Shows pair perfectly with your summer footwear. Whether you’re rocking classic espadrilles, a fresh pair of TOMS, or your old faithful Vans slip-ons, these masterfully mismatched, unisex styles keep your toes fresh and dry and ward away that common southern malady known as “swamp foot.”

sitm multi player

Slightly further north (anatomically-speaking), Sock It to Me also has a new crop of boxer briefs like the island-themed Tiki Tush and high-flying Gato Libre (which also has a corresponding pair of No Shows). My personal favorite, though, is Multi Player. This white-on-red design features iconic controllers from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft systems, and you can even pick up a matching pair of crew socks to complete the comfy ensemble.

sitm stars and sloths

New entries in the SItM women’s line include summer designs like the colorful Flamingo and the clear night’s sky of Constellation. There is also Sloth… because ladies clearly love sloths. Each of these bikini-cut panties is constructed of super soft jersey material, making them—I have been assured—just as comfortable and breathable during this stifling month of July as their male counterparts.

While you’re checking out Sock It to Me’s latest and greatest, don’t forget to take a look at Sock It to Me Monthly, their mystery box subscription service, as well as the current sales and promotions. Right now you can save $10 when you buy four or more pairs of socks, and orders of $25+ receive free shipping.

Review and promotional materials were provided by Sock It to Me, and, in addition to being extra comfy during the warmer months, they also helped me discover that my girlfriend is, indeed, an unabashed fan of sloths.

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  1. Love the post! I got a pair of the multiplayer underwear and socks too and they are super comfortable. Looks like they have a new sale where everything is 15% off too.

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