'Dream Big' and 'National Parks Adventure' on Blu-ray

IMAX at Home: ‘Dream Big’ and ‘National Parks Adventure’ Arrive on Blu-ray

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'Dream Big' and 'National Parks Adventure' on Blu-ray

With giant blockbusters playing on IMAX screens across the country it’s easy to forget that an IMAX movie was a special treat and a unique experience.  Our children probably don’t remember a time when the only way to see IMAX was to go to a theme park or a nationally prominent museum. Fortunately that isn’t the case anymore, and with the release of both Dream Big: Engineering Our World  and National Parks Adventure on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and digital, families can “dream big” in the comfort of home.

National Parks Adventure

As luck would have it, I originally saw this film on a family vacation a couple years ago when we stumbled upon it at the Field Museum in Chicago and loved it. We saw it in 3D back then, but the quality of even the regular ol’ 2D on the new Shout Factory release is stunning. Narrated by the venerable Robert Redford and directed by Greg MacGillivray, National Parks Adventure is every bit as visually stunning as you would expect for a former IMAX film. Perhaps the only thing better than seeing the majestic scenes in this short film would be to explore the national parks on your own in person. However, much of what you see in the presentation is so cinematic in scope that most would never be able to recreate the experience on their own.

Filmed all across America, you get to not only learn about the history of the National Park Service, but you get to see nature in action. From cliffs to caves, mountains, and more, you and your family will be enthralled with what lies just beyond our doors. Check out the trailer below:

Dream Big: Engineering Our World

If there’s one overarching feeling Greg MacGillivray’s films can elicit, it has to be inspiration. In Dream Big: Engineering Our World, the film’s title couldn’t be more on the nose as to what his goal is with this movie. Architecture and engineering might seem like a dull subject to some, but Dream Big makes the audience marvel in wonder at mankind’s achievements while also making such accomplishments seem within reach for those with enough passion. Globe-hopping scenery along with a little history lesson follow individuals who share personal experiences and how human grit, perseverance, and ingenuity can make a sustainable future.

If you’re looking for an approachable family film to spur a sense of wonder or foster a love for STEM, Dream Big is your movie. Engineers don’t just build bridges, roads, and buildings. No, they enhance the human experience. And as narrator Jeff Bridges states, “The boldest solutions start with the biggest dreams.” See just how big in the trailer below:

The movies are not a huge time commitment (43 minutes and 42 minutes, respectively), but they are more than worth your time and a great way to engage kids with wholesome entertainment. Released Tuesday, July 24, 2018, you can pick up both today. Inspiring to say the least, but be warned, they may also inspire you to buy a new 4K HD TV so you can get the full viewing experience.

Disclaimer: I received review copies of these movies. All opinions are my own.

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