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‘Casual Game Insider’ Returns for Year 7

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Casual Game Insider

Casual Game Insider, a magazine focusing on casual tabletop games, is back on Kickstarter for its 7th year! I’ve been sent issues of the quarterly magazine to read, and I’ve always found something to enjoy.

So what is Casual Game Insider? Well, it’s a magazine by Casual Game Revolution, which was founded in 2011 by Chris and Melanie James of Stratus Games. They wanted to highlight a particular type of tabletop game, the sort that can be set up and taught in under 10 minutes and plays in under an hour, and they decided on the term “casual game.” In the world of board games, casual games are sometimes seen as something that is only for inexperienced gamers; the term “gateway game” has often been used for games that got people into the hobby, but can also be seen as somewhat derogatory, as if they’re games that you move past once you get to the “real” games.

There are, of course, plenty of people who just prefer to play games that don’t last multiple hours or have 30-page rulebooks, and Casual Game Insider is really for this audience. The magazine offers digital subscriptions ($10), print subscriptions ($20), or options for lifetime subscriptions. Each issue includes a mix of content: articles about the gaming industry, game reviews, interviews with publishers or designers, and so on. The latest issue had articles about addressing color blindness in games, the growing trend of cooperative games, and how to address overly competitive players in your gaming group—you can check this issue out for free! I will note that there’s a lot of advertising and sponsored content, but if you like casual games then many of the ads will probably be of interest to you anyway, introducing you to new and upcoming games.

Even if you opt not to subscribe to the magazine, it’s worth following the Casual Game Revolution blog, which often has news about game releases, as well as game giveaways.

For more about Casual Game Insider, visit the Kickstarter page!

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