9 Nifty New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

Kickstarter GDGT 092916

ESLOV IoT Invention Kit

A fun modular way to build internet-connected things, from the geniuses at Arduino.

Gravity Sketch – An Intuitive 3D Design Tool for Everyone

Touch and VR gesture input for sketching in space. Draw a life-sized car!

goTenna Mesh: Off-Grid, People-Powered Connectivity Anywhere

These little communicators form a mesh data network. Great for hiking or the apocalypse.

Spirit Rover – Learn Raspberry Pi and Arduino the fun way

Inspired by a Mars rover, this is one highly hackable roaming robot.

Chipsetter ONE: A desktop pick-and-place machine

Another sophisticated tool makes the factory-to-desktop leap.

Mantis Carbon

Today in drone accessories: a big claw for picking things up.

Sisyphus – The Kinetic Art Table

You could spend hours watching a marble sculpt sand into complex patterns.

UGEARS: Christmas mechanical symphony

Intricate little machines made from laser-cut wood.

The Martian Garden – Gardening Kits with Simulated Mars Soil

Get in some practice before you hop on Elon’s rocket.

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