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Review – Green Lanterns #49: Jess and Simon On the Run

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Green Lanterns #49 variant cover
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Green Lanterns #49 – Aaron Gillespie, Writer; Roge Antonio, Artist; Hi-Fi, Colorist


Ray – 8/10

Corrina: Nice Swerve


Ray: This is a really odd turn of events in Green Lanterns #49, as it seems like this current storyline involving the impurity in Jessica Cruz’s ring will play out over not two but three writers’ runs. Tim Seeley set it up, Aaron Gillespie took over, and it’ll continue into Dan Jurgens’ run. The issue picks up with Simon Baz showing up to round up Jessica after she went on the run from the Corps and appeared to join forces with a known criminal. I was a little iffy about that setup because it didn’t seem like Simon would turn on his partner so quickly after she was accused. Fortunately, Gillespie seems to understand that – Simon quickly tells Jessica that he’s there to help clear her name and make sure she handles herself as well as she can. He even mentions that as someone who was wrongfully accused before, he’s sympathetic to her. That sets this issue off on a very good note, although I don’t think the follow-up quite lives up to it – it’s very much a routine but entertaining crime caper in space.

There’s all the usual stock character – the shady informant with ten agendas, the evil fat space criminal. That’s not to say they’re not entertaining, though – it’s all in the execution, and while Gillespie’s not exactly doing a completely original story here, he’s definitely doing a fun one. The pair of Simon and the powerless Jessica barely manage to stay ahead of their enemies, but they’re eventually caught by Hal, who is looking to bring them in. It doesn’t take all that much before he’s convinced that the Guardians are looking at the wrong person, though, and that’s where the issue ends – with Hal getting ready to look into a potential impurity in the central Lantern battery, accounting for the false positive in Jessica’s ring. This is apparently going to become the sole Lantern title, at least for now, with Hal’s title ending in a few months. I’m hoping Jurgens is up for the challenge, as Simon and Jessica’s unique characters have been what consistently lifted this title above other Lantern books.

Green Lanterns #49 page 2
Whew. Still trusted friends. Image via DC Comics

Corrina: This is a nice save from the cliffhanger of the last issue, where it seemed that not only had Simon turned against Jess but that Hal was being far more of an impulsive jerk than usual. Simon quickly confesses the bombast was for show and sets out to help Jessica clear her name.

The rest of the issue seemed a bit truncated, as perhaps it was meant to play out over three, rather than two issues. That may account for the somewhat abrupt conclusion. But it works, Simon and Jess are in good form, Jessica even gets to tell off Hal, and that’s always a plus in my book.

I’m not always up on the news of what titles are getting canceled/not canceled but I’m glad that if there has to be only one GL title, it’s the one featuring my two favorite Green Lanterns.

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