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Catwoman #14 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Catwoman #14 – Ram V, Writer; Mirka Andolfo, Artist; Arif Prianto, Colorist


Ray – 8/10

Corrina: Bet on Catwoman Versus the Odds

Ray: Ram V, coming off his highly effective Justice League Dark annual two weeks ago, seems to have become a regular co-writer on this title as Joelle Jones only does half the issues or so. I’m not sure who does a better job, but V’s issues are definitely more what long-time readers of the character will expect – high-octane caper action. This Year of the Villain tie-in picks up with Selina meeting with a potential client – a woman who was involved with a Villa Hermosa power player who died, and now she needs the files that expose all the criminal doings in the district to protect herself. Selina isn’t usually into stealing for others, but she agrees out of a sense of kinship with this broken-hearted woman – not knowing just how much trouble she’s stepped into as the deadliest assassins both within and without the city come gunning for her to keep their secrets buried.

The assassin of choice that hunts Selina is Nobody, introduced by Tomasi as an initial foe for Batman and Robin in his run on that title, and then replaced by his teenage daughter in Robin’s solo series by Patrick Gleason. This isn’t that reformed assassin, though – this is a new and ruthless character, using that costume with none of the scruples. Selina winds up overwhelmed by the invisibility tech, lured into the open – and shot by a sniper leaving her bleeding out in the river. She’s rescued by an unlikely ally – Gentleman Ghost, another wild card thief who has played both sides of the fence. This issue has only a tentative Year of the Villain tie-in, but it has a fun, energetic vibe that many of the issues previously focused on the Creel family have been lacking. Ram V. is quickly establishing himself as a promising DC talent.

The long fall. Via DC Comics.

Corrina: For most of this series, the emotions have felt muted. Selina’s reunion with her sister and her worry for Maggie should feel intense, instead, it is mostly treated as a side issue. Ditto the villain motivations.

Catwoman #14 seems to combine the muted noir sensibility of this series with just enough bit of fun to make the emotions pop a bit more. I felt Selina’s worry as she fell, her confusion at the presence of Gentleman Ghost, and her amuseument at the situation, all at the same time. And while I miss the stylized art by Jones, this is effective panel-by-panel action art, where you can almost hear Ghost’s wry commentary as he speaks.

I only wish some of the regular subplots had this much focus.

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