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Review – Future Quest Presents #11: Herculoids Reset

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Future Quest Presents #11 variant cover
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Future Quest Presents #11 – Rob Williams, Writer; Aaron Lopresti, Penciller; Matt Ryan, Inker; Hi-Fi, Colorist


Ray – 7.5/10

Corrina: Terrific Art


Ray: Rob Williams’ Herculoids arc concludes with Future Quest Presents #11, as the story goes in a cosmic direction, and the truth of Animan’s manipulation of Dorno’s life is explained. When we last left off, Dorno tried to escape the planet, but lost his friends and family along the way – only for Animan to reveal that he was looking for a companion. He made Dorno a God like him, and that’s where this story picks up. Despite his new powers, Dorno is still focused on only one thing – his family. He tries to head back to the planet but finds it completely gone. Even the baby Tundro he rescued has perished (this issue is surprisingly dark when it comes to animal death, which may turn off some people). Horrified and consumed with grief, he demands to see Animan’s planet, and even Animan is powerless to stop an equal from doing what he wants – although this is the first time in the issue we see the immortal, all-powerful being express any sense of fear.

That’s where the issue’s twist comes in, and it sells the entire story. Animan arrives back on his home planet with Dorno and is greeted by…his family, who have been looking for him. It turns out Animan is nothing more than a rebellious child, going from planet to planet playing with the lives of lesser beings and looking for anyone to be his companion. I know Corinna complained about Dorno being a sullen, rebellious kid this arc, but everything about Animan’s actions makes so much more sense now that we know he’s the same. The fact that there’s a happy ending, in the end, is all but inevitable, but I did enjoy seeing the way Dorno got his family and companions back together, and even Animan got another chance with his family. Thus far, the two Future Quest arcs by guest writers haven’t been up to Parker’s level, but they both worked nicely as part of the main series. This series wraps up next issue, but before that Jeff Parker is back for one final issue saying goodbye.

Future Quest Presents #11 page 3
Epic art. Image via DC Comics

Corrina: Wait, Future Quest Presents is ending without a Jonny Quest arc?



I mean, we had a Birdman arc. And now the Herculoids. Why don’t we have a Jonny Quest arc? Or, maybe a Race and Jade run around being awesome spies and having sexytimes? Or let’s see why Race and Dr. Quest like to sleep in the same room all the time?

I’m totally up for pansexual Race Bannon having awesome adventures around the world. (With some of his unfortunate and problematic racist tendencies written out…) No? That’s not happening?

Okay, fine. Boo again.

Onto the story that does exist this issue, of Dorno reacting to the fact that he’s the only child in the Herculoids world, and that his adolescence is no fun. It was a solid arc, but predictable, and the real star is Lopresti’s art this issue, which is fantastic and epic. Okay, wait, it was predictable in resetting it all. But not predictable in that Animan was basically Trelane from that Star Trek episode, “The Squire of Gothos.” Enjoyable, overall.

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