Review: ‘American Gods: My Ainsel # 4’ — Who Remembers Eostre?

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American Gods

Shadow is now dreaming of Thunderbirds, attracting unnecessary attention towards him.

American Gods: My Ainsel # 4, Writer: Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell Artist: P. Craig Russell, Scott Hampton. Colorist: Jennifer T. Lange, Scott Hampton Cover Artist: Glenn Fabry, Adam Brown

American Gods

Since, apparently, you can′t leave this guy alone for a second before he starts summoning ancient forces in his sleep; Wednesday takes him again into a recruitment journey, and they go visit Easter.

American Gods is eager to talk about our holy practices, the things we do in the name of our beliefs. Sometimes, that belief gets mixed-up, confused; who can blame an old goddess from taking advantage of the fact?

American Gods

What do we exactly worship in Easter time? The resurrection of Jesus? The renewal of Spring? Fertility, represented by chocolate, eggs and cute bunnies? Who remembers Eostre in this particular day?

In the first run of these series, Shadow dreams about forgotten gods: gods with weird shapes and strange names; with candles that flicker and throw the same amount of light and darkness into each one. He also dreams about forgotten gods; scores of them, almost dead, but not dead yet. It is always difficult to kill an idea.

American Gods

And when he shows up again in Lakeside, another girl is missing. He had just found out that her neighbor′s boy had runaway a couple of winters ago, but it seems it′s not just one kid or a few kids, there is a disappearance every year… As Mike Ainsel, Shadow will help his new-found buddy Chad Mulligan and throw himself in the search for the missing girl…

You can revisit this wonderful take on my favorite novel on comic shops everywhere, it is also available online.

American Gods: My Ainsel # 4 is on sale since June 13th, 2018.

Genre: Horror, Crime, Action/Adventure
Publication Date: June 13, 2018
FC, 32 pages; Ongoing

Featured image by Scott Hampton, all images belong to Dark Horse Comics

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