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Win a Trip to PaizoCon From the ‘Roll For Combat’ Actual-Play ‘Starfinder’ Podcast!

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The fine folks at Roll For Combat, an awesome Starfinder Roleplaying Game actual-play podcast, just gave away a trip to Paizo’s gaming convention held in Seattle, PaizoCon. The winner received, free airfare, hotel room, a four-day convention badge, and saturday night banquet ticket. Sad you didn’t win? Don’t be– Roll For Combat announced at the same time that they’re having a second complete PaizoCon package give away! The winner will be picked next week, May 9th!

PaizoCon, a four-day gaming convention, is coming right up on this Memorial Day weekend. PaizoCon is

the annual celebration of Paizo, Pathfinder, Starfinder, and the folks who play. From special guests to once-in-a-lifetime game events to previews of future releases, PaizoCon is the annual epicenter of all things Paizo. Gamers from all over the world converge for a laid-back, gaming-focused gathering unlike any other.

It’s my favorite convention experience of the year. PaizoCon is large enough to fill my scheduled with gaming, seminars, and other events, while still being small enough that you can easily interact with any Paizo staff and other gaming celebrities. We’ve written about PaizoCon numerous times here on GeekDad and will be attending again this year for another four exciting days of gaming! The Roll For Combat competition may be your way in!

Delve RPG Battle Mat
Our weary band of adventurers face down the boss in our ‘Delve’ RPG experience. In addition to ‘Pathfinder’ and ‘Starfinder,’ and other Paizo games, many other games are played at PaizoCon. Photo by Ryan Hiller.

Roll For Combat is an excellent Starfinder actual play podcast taking us through the Dead Suns adventure path. We’ve also written about this superbly produced and always entertaining show. Even if you can’t make PaizoCon, you should check it out! In addition to the Dead Suns podcast, the Roll For Combat cast has a second podcast where they, and other guests, play various Starfinder Society scenarios.

What, was that? Someone in the back there–what’s Starfinder you ask? Well, lucky you, GeekDad also has some posts on that topic!

Already going to PaizoCon? Be sure to catch up with the Roll For Combat crew. All six members will be there and, glancing over the schedule that was released this week, I see there’ll be a live Roll For Combat game session!

The event schedule for PaizoCon just released and the signing up process has begun. In addition to trying to win tickets from Roll For Combat, tickets are still available on the Paizo site.

Spencer Crittenden and banquet table
My banquet crew. Here’s me, on the far left, with ‘Roll For Combat’s’ GM Stephen Glicker on the far right. Oh, hey, and there’s Spencer Crittenden, of ‘HarmonQuest’ and other fame, there in the upper right. You too could win a spot at the banquet. There’s also still banquet tickets available if you are already attending and want to just purchase one. It’s a must-attend PaizoCon event! Photo by Dan Tharp, @Piazo.
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