Deal Alert & Review: Get $50 Off The Outstanding DeeBot N79s Robot Vacuum

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Robot Vacuums have been going down in price lately, so maybe getting fifty bucks off of one isn’t that tempting. After all, it could be junk. But what if it’s a great brand? I’ve reviewed several other DeeBot vacuums and am very fond of the brand. Why? Let’s get down to the gritty truth.

Meet the new vac in town.

The first thing the N79S did to win me over was have the largest debris basket (of the brands I have tested, mind you). It’s well made and slides out easily and fills up slowly over time, so there’s less bin changing. I sometimes wonder if they had to put a smaller battery in to accommodate, because it feels like it gets less done than my R95 before needing a recharge. Not that it matters – if the N79s needs a recharge in the middle of a cycle, it “remembers” where it was. A great feature that more vacuums should have.

Like the R95, the N79s can be controlled over Alexa as well as via the app. The N79 also has a manual remote control like their M88. This is a favorite feature for my grade schooler, who will ask permission to clean (I know, right?!). The Alexa commands are simple and easy to master. My one gripe is that you can only control one DeeBot via Alexa and I have two. As such, I spend a little more time in the app. Once you spend your time doing the initial setup, using the app is as easy as selecting which one you want and setting the mode (Auto, edge, and spot clean). The N79s doesn’t display a map of my house like the R95, but that’s actually comforting.

Yes, I now have an upstairs robot and a downstairs robot. I am a geek of means

Now, the N79s isn’t perfect. Aside from the few tidbits above, there’s no mopping kit like some have. Personally, I have never used the kit on my R95, so I’m not losing sleep.¬† It also seems a bit bigger – although it’s yet to get stuck anywhere.

I’m also not losing sleep due to the relative quiet of the N79s. Even when you put high-suction on (a new mode for this model, using a bit more battery), it’s still fairly low volume. And in normal mode? I’ve actually walked in on it, working, because I didn’t hear it going. If you own a pet that’s easily spooked by the sound of a vacuum, then that’s a killer feature.

To take advantage of this sale, simply add the N79s to your shopping cart and then use coupon code¬†U43X35IY. $180 for a top of the line robot vacuum? That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Note: Deebot provided me with the N79s to review…months ago. My bad. Also, this review uses affiliate links.

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